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Tactical Nova Mag Tube Externsions

R Cubed

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I put a factory 2-shot on my SuperNova Tac and it works great - not sure if I like its multi-piece design though, guess they had some reason for doing it that way. The end cap also has a hole in it, not sure what its for except to let dirt in...? The one-piece designs seem simpler but I don't have any experience with them.

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I have the +2 on mine but without the plug it holds 7 2 3/4 shells. The hole on the end is for a limiter plug that lets you only hold the 2 shell without taking the mag. ext. off. I looked everywhere and could not find one so I made one out of a carbon arrow and a s/s bolt. I cut the arrow 13" and put it on the bolt with some tread lock. Push it in and use a snap ring to hold it in place. Now when I go hog hunting I don't have to rig down my light and mag. ext. to make it legal to use in the woods.



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I have the Tac Star on my Supernova Tactical. It's 1-piece. I haven't fired the gun yet (only had it for a week now), but it cycles just fine. I don't think the factory part is available right now, so you only have this or one other option right now.

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