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270 Wsm Or 300 Wsm


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I Am Getting A R1 This Year,but Don't Know What I Should Get! 270 Wsm Or The 300 Wsm? I Have Some Winchesters In 7mm Rem. Mag And A 308.both Great Whitetail Guns. The R1 Will Be Used For Long And Short Range Deer Hunting..what Do You Think Is Best? I Know I Can Buy A Extra Barrel,but That Will Be Next Year..

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I have a R1 Comfortech in 300 WSM scoped with a Zeiss 3.5x10. I bought it last fall. I went through the break in process very carefully and deliberately. I tried 5-6-7 different types of bullets, and never found one that produced 1.5 MOA - I would get the occasional group, but nothing consistent. I sent the gun in to Benelli, and interestingly, what Benelli does not advertise, is that they spec the gun at 2.5" or less. 2.5" for a $1,000 gun. My gun came back with a target showing 2.5" and this was after the Benelli lady told me, while holding my target in hand, that it shot 1.25" Gee, how great, they spec it privately at 2.5" and when holding a target, can't even measure correctly. Yea I was (and maybe still am) frustrated. My old Remington auto shoots 1" and in reference to what Tucker noted, I can shoot my brother's Browning Shortrac 300 WSM at MOA as well. The problem, the R1 is one great looking and handling gun.


Maybe if you poll Browning owners you will hear about guns that don't shoot well too, but of the R1 owners that log on here, significant numbers appear to grumble about accuracy.


In fairness I should also add that part of my accuracy problem might be something I was doing wrong, that my Remington seemed to forgive. I am anxious to try again in the coming months. The underlying issue for me, Benelli considers the gun to be on if it shoots 2.5" Before buying this gun, and being more niave than I care to admit, I presumed that Benelli technology, and the $$ they were getting for the gun, translated into a gun capable of shooting under 1.5"


So my advise, if you are fine buying a gun that specs at 2.5" the R1 will meet and likely exceed your expectations. If someone told me 2.5" was the factory spec, I would not have bought the gun. No question in my mind. Shame on me.... That said, my fingers are still crossed for better results because the gun really does look great, and it comes up better than any other gun I tried.

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Personally regardless of which brand you by Benelli or Browning I think the 7mm Mag or .300 WSM are a bit overkill for whitetail in medium to short distances (100 - 300 yards). You may find the 30-06 much more flexible in terms you variety of different bullet types and weights you can choose from.


I have all 3 calibers and prefer the 30-06 for whitetail in Wisconsin, the other two do nicely out west and on larger game animals. If you have a 30-06 then try the big boys and see if you like it better. If its your only rifle then the 30-06 can do all from cyote to Elk.

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I have a 7WSM in a Browning Micro Abolt (for sale on GA) that I shot 1 big whitetail with at about 50 yds with and it was pretty gruesome and unnecessary. Never saw that kind of mess in the dozens I've killed with .308s. I replaced it with an R1 Comfortec 30-06 (which shoots great) and that is more than enough for most NA critters. .308 would have been a great choice as well. The short mags are pretty abusive to the shooter as well as the target although the R1 will moderate that quite a bit. Not much that you can do with a 270 WSM that couldn't be done with a 270 win either. Ammo options for WSMs are limited and expensive as well. Check out the ballistics charts and decide if you need the latest offerings and keep in mind that the WSMs are loaded very hot while the standard calibers are pretty moderate and can be bumped up if you reload. my humble opinion, for what it's worth...

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I have a R1 .300 WSM, I put 200 rounds true it, shut a few deer’s and are very satisfied whit it’s performance, it have never jammed on me and it will shoot 1.5” groups.

I don’t have any other auto’s to compare it with, so maybe there is a better Auto out there !!


I find the .300 WSM a very all-round caliber, I normally use 180 grain bullet, which somebody might find a little on the heavy side, but it’s rock solid in all weather conditions.

The Deer’s I have shut, have all been neck shuts and the deer’s dropped dead on the spot, probably possible with a lighter round as well, but I like the extra bang.

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