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This year could be another season like 1998 through 2000


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We have muy plenty water in the lower regions of the country and word is the breeding areas have ample water too. I saw a drastic increase in traffic this year as opposed to the last five. I did not kill as many ducks due to time and the fact I call for others (i enjoy it more anyway).


We are due for the cycle to turn again. I believe the effort to save hens, the restriction of spinners in many areas ( they flare ducks if not used properly anyway ) and the reduction of limits may be paying off.

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Here in the bitter cold northwoods of Wisconsin the winters have gradually gotten warmer over the years, and shorter. The last few years have been snowless in December, call it global warming or just an attitude change in mother nature.

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I hunt in the reelfoot lake area in NW Tenn which used to be duck hunting paradise. Not that way any more. Sure we kill a few ducks but alot of days don't even see a bird.Im actually about 40 minutes east of the lake. We used to limit out every day. Now we don't seem to get the birds till february and march after the season is over. November December and most of january is really like fall instead of winter. Some guys paying $2500.00 for a blind lease and killing maybe 45 or 50 ducks. Virtually no geese. Maybe we should sell everything off and move to canada. LOL

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