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M2 vs M4


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Hello gents, long time no posting here, sorry.

Anyways, I used to own a M1s90, and long story short, sold it when my local range closed.....


Anyways, Im now looking at competitions, and especially some Tactical shotgun classes being offerd, and need a NEW a Benelli. :)


I liked my M1S90, used it for a lot of target competion with regular Winchester Universal and AA 3 dram 1-1/8 loads, never a problem.

I looked today at a M2, and also a M4 on the rack. I was really liking the m4, but am cautiouse about stopages with these loads. How has your experiance been with these or similar powered loads?



Thanks again, Steel Plate.........

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The M4 is gas operated and will cycle a more variety of loads than the M1 or M2, which are both inertia operated.


The M4 is the finest combat shotgun ever made.



I did a ton of Searching today, and found a few posts from 05 , discussing the 2 vs 4 port barrels, and found that even with the featherlight loads, the M4 would still cycle over 50% of the time. Thats impressive for a load designed as a light load in pumps.



One more question. When Benelli says 4+1, do they mean 4 2.75" shells, or 3" ??? I cant figure that one out. Some people are saying their M4 hold 5 shells, others 4. And a mag extension is tricky in my parts, still have the AWB in my state. Id have to loose the piostol grip to go over 5+1.

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The M4 without the Magazine ext will hold five 2 3/4 shells plus you can put a floater round under the bolt and one in the chamber to make it seven. When they say 4+1, they are refering to 3" shells.


Thanks, Ive heard so many different answers, now I know the truth!

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I wanted to see if I could cause my M4 to hiccup, so for the first range trip, I bought the cheapest W-Mart special lightweight 12 ga I could and ran about 3 boxes through her........not one problem. Ate all 75 rds as fast as I could feed her!!! No expensive 3" brake in for her.


I am pleased, but the targets weren't :eek:



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The cheapest Walmart shells here are Winchester universals, in a Red and Silver box.

Is that what you used??


They are a 3 Dram load with 7 or 8 size bird shot. My M1 used to live off those. But I broke it in with heavy remington Nitro loads, just to be sure.


Thanks for the favorable report DocGP :)

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Here are a few reasons the M4 kicks ass over the M2.

1. Trigger guard on the M4 is aluminum, not cheap plastic.

2. M4 is gas operated, so a more variety of loads can be used.

3. Collapsable stock available for the M4.

4. The USMC uses and swears by the M4


The M4 is just an all around better and tougher made shotgun than the M2.

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my only prob with my M4 is that the action is a little slow on light loads(which can be expected) i can shoot faster than it can cycle, which is a problem im running into more and more when im workin on 3+ round strings.


one major plus is, my m4 has cycled on bags and batons. which i wasnt expecting.



i love mine, though i must say, for speed shooting, i miss my m1... but i would never get rid of my m4, ever.

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