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New Waterfowl Shotgun

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I am currently looking for a new semi-auto waterfowling gun. I would get the Benelli SBEII, but can't afford one right now, so I am looking at the Franchi I-12, and the Stoeger 2000. Has anyone had any experience with these two guns? Any comments as to whether I should go one way or the other? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks

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I will tell you there are issues with both the Stoeger and Franchi I-12, probably fewer with the Franchi but lots of issures with the Stoeger.


Check the past posts on the M2000. I have one and dont shoot it much anymore mostly because of reliability problems I had with it.


Others have said if your reason to buy to the M2000 was because you think its an inexpensive copy cat of the SBEII then your buying for all the wrong reasons. Its not a good copy, but has some similarities with the inertia system.


Personally if you hunt a lot and value your time off buy somthing you can rely on long term, I personally dont think these two are the ones you want.


Beretta 3901 makes an entry level auto worth considering for a few hundred more than either of these two, and much better gun fo ryou long term.


In the end buy what fits you the best, there are others out there to consider.

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I would save my money and get the SBE II, thats what I use. For now go get you the Super Nova for hunting those ducks and you wont be sorry. My first Benelli was a Nova and its great and much smoother feel then my 870 I sold.


Good luck..


Love my Nova, SBE II and M4

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I own an I-12 and after a trip back to Franchi/Benelli it now appears to function well. My brother went through 3 of them before getting one that worked. The design is sound, the execution of the design isn't. If they work the bugs out, it will be great foul weather gun.


If I were looking for a new duck gun I'll look real hard at the Winchester X2 or X3. I've got a couple X2s (light field and 3.5" composite) and both are absolutely flawless. The Remington 11-87s that I bought for my kids several years ago are also extremely reliable. Unless you plan on shooting several hundred shells without cleaning it, the gas guns are just as reliable as the inertial driven guns and they kick a lot less.



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I would argee with Dumbduck on the Winchester X2, had one for about 3 years. Worked flawless, but it was kept clean. And, with the X2 being replaced by the X3 you could pick one for a little less money.


But, for the money the SBE II is the best.

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i would really try to save for the sbe 2.

i got a nova because i couldnt afford the eagle but i eventually got enough.

i got the sbe 2 black w/ comfortech. dam i love that gun. fit and finish are great. it is the nicest gun i have ever shot. really.

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i have the m2000 and i love it! i have only shot about 250 rounds through it but i havent had one problem at all. i have shot light loads and next week i will be shooting heavy loads. i love the gun. it cycles fast and smooth and i think it will be great for this duck season. i have only had it for about 5 or 6 weeks so i may see a few problems in the future but so far NONE!:D


thats just my .02. you should pick the gun you really want that you think will work best, if you really want the benelli SBE II then i would just wait and save up for it if i were you.;)


anyway i really love my m2000 and i think it is a awsome gun for an awsome price!

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I Will Be honest with you, I had bought a used M2000 and I shot it a few times and one shell did not go off. Not knowing much about Stoeger brand I returned and and bought a new one for only 50 bucks more I have not had one problem with it at all. I have shot about 200 rounds through it with no problem. I am going to be useing it for ducks and geese. Looking to toss some 3 in. magnums through it in about 2 weeks! I love it. It swings nice and it fits very nice to me. BUT Do Check out both the Franchi and the stoeger for fit one my feel better then the other! My dad always told me that if it doesn't fit don't get it!

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