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Trap shooting?


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Not the most eager to help on this forum eh!... well nevermind... I'll wait... another question I'll add on while I am waiting...


I was wondering if I could use a Benelli SuperNova as cheap alternative to get into trap and see how things work out? any comments on its use as a trap gun besides an all purpose gun?

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If your just getting into it on a low budget any pump should work, lots of smaller clubs I have been to you will see quite a few Rem 870's and the like around. The 870 or a Nova should work for a while plus you can take them hunting, so very versatile.


Otherwise if you really get into it an over/under is the best way to go, they seem to take the constant shooting and lighter loads a lot better than most auto's. I wont try to sway you on which o/u to buy just find one that fits well, these typically cost more unless you look at the off brands like a Stoeger or Spartan or somthing like that.


So to answer you question "Yes" the super nova should work just fine for trap, change your chokes depending on which yard line you will shoot from - as a beginner I would say Mod should be a good start.

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Depends on how "deep" you want to get into the sport. I am "involved" but not "committed" to the game. I shoot maybe a couple thousand registered targets each summer. Frank Hoppe, legendary trap shooter from Nebraska described the difference between involved and committed as looking at a breakfast of eggs and bacon. The chicken was "involved" in preparing breakfast, but the pig was totally "committed" to the breakfast.


I'm Class A/25/B which means my 16 yard singles average is about 95%, I shoot handicap from the 25 yard line, and my doubles average, which I seldom shoot, is about 88%.


If you just want to get into trap as an occasional thing, or in a fun league, a Benelli Nova will be fine. However, that gun is a field gun, therefore fairly lightweight, and after a few rounds of shooting even light target loads, your shoulder will start to feel it.


As TMAC noted, a Remington 870 is a good entry level gun for trap. I would go for an 870 TRAP model, with a Monte Carlo stock and a 30" barrel. you can use field guns for trap, but there are drawbacks. Another great gun, the gun I started with and my daughter still uses for trap, is a Remington 1100 TRAP. You can get these used for $500 to $1000 US, depending on features and modifiecations. Great, light-recoiling gun, with very adequate triggers, right from the factory.


Another excellent trap gun that may serve you well for as long as you shoot trap is the venerable Browning BT-99. Many of these guns are available used, and they are super for singles and handicap trap, though, being a single shot gun, won't help much if you want to shoot doubles. Also not suited for anything but trap, so don't take it out in the field to hunt. It doesn't have a safety, and it's pretty heavy. Heavy is good if you're going to shoot 300-400 targets in a day at a big trap shoot.


The thing you'll find on the cheaper guns like the Stoeger and the Spartan is the triggers suck.


If your budget is a little more than that, I'd consider a used Browning Citori Trap.


The sky is the linit with trap guns. But if you want to get into it competitively, don't skimp on an off-brand cheap gun. Get a good quality name brand used gun. Just my opinion.


Also, an excellent resource for questions, though sometimes the threads get a little off-topic, is the forum on http://www.trapshooters.com.


Good luck.



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I have shot trap off and on,more off than on, over the years. I have never had or shot a true trap gun. I used to shoot a Remy 1100 Mag. I shot this gun great but started to have trouble with it so I got rid of it. Now I shoot a Verona LX502. I've got over 5000 rds through it,mostly at trap. I have also used my Mossy 835,Stoeger Condor 20ga, Stoeger Uplander 16ga,Mossy 9200 12g. Yea I get a lot of looks. Any and every time someone has a comment about my gun or what I should be shooting I ask them if they are offering to buy me one. That shuts them up.


My point is shoot what fits you and/or what you can afford. I shot in a league last winter and my $600 Verona out shot quit a few Blazers,Browning and Berettas.

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Just to help drive home a point the guys are getting at. I use my Nova pump quite often to shoot trap just for entertainment. I have never shot competitively and probably never will. But occasionally my Step dad, brother, and friends get the itch to shoot some clay pigeons on the farm. We might burn up 1000 rounds between the 5 or 6 of us and many boxes of clays. But if we start shooting double pulls I personally have allot of trouble re-pocketing the gun against my shoulder when I go for the second pigeon. Which ends up leaving a huge bruise on my right shoulder. I love my Nova for hunting, I actually have added a few things to help with the kick of a lighter gun. But even on a great day hunting rabbits I might shoot the gun 10 to 15 times on the farm. Where you may shoot it several hundreds of time shooting clays.

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The short answer will always be to shoot the gun that fits you the best and you're most comfortable with. Nothing else matters when a gun doesn't fit. As for a dedicated trap gun, five years ago I would have gone with the Trap junkies and said you need a "real" trap gun. Today I don't believe that. For singles (16 yd), almost any gun will do provided it fits well and shoots where you look. However, in the long run, if you do a lot of target shooting, you will either want a heavier gun, an auto, or a gun with a recoil system. Recoil is a cumulative problem. Eventually your brain will rebel if your gun is beating you up.


I've never shot a Nova pump, but I do shoot a few thousand targets a year with my Super Sport. Despite having several "real" trap guns, I really prefer shooting my Benelli these days. It fits, it's comfortable, and I take it in the field for Dove and Pheasant in the fall.


If you do eventually become a Trap addict, you will no doubt want that $10,000 Trap gun to help you get back to the 27 yd line, but for casual target shooting from 16 yds, you don't need it.

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