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Effect of barrel length


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I was wondering how much effect the length of the barrel has on the effectiveness (I guess ballistics might be a better word) of a 12 guage shotgun. For example, how much difference would there be between a 24" and 28" barrel? I have some friends who swear on the longer barrels and others who only want shorter. Any ideas?

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Stateside there are many hunting clubs----both for profit and those not for profit that do not allow hunters to use a shotgun with a barrel less than 26". Here's why: 24" barrels in the confines of a wooden duck blind are too LOUD. :eek:


I agree there is not much difference from a ballistics standpoint but from a decibel standpoint there is.

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In most cases (particularly with a long receiver gun like a Super Black Eagle), I believe a 26" barrel is always the way to go.


If you stand an SBE with a 26" barrel next to many other popular semi-autos and pumps with 28" barrels.....they are about the same overall length.

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