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Stoeger 2000 problems. Need help...


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I bought a stoeger 2000 about a year ago and it seems the more i shoot it, the worse it gets. I clean it after every use too. About 30% of the time the action wont fully shut and the second shot wont fire. its seems especially so when shooting straight up at ducks flying right over me. The first shot always fires, and it ejects it fine, but when going for my second or 3rd shot, many times I just get a "click". Its like the action doesn't close all way. Many of my shells have a small dent in the primer too!!! but not deep enough like a normal shell that is fired. I think it might happen more with heavy loads, but not too sure. I'm considering just selling it and getting a super black eagle, but i know it has the same action. Do these ever have any of the same problems????? I've shot over 200 heavy rounds through it and it only seems to be getting worse. Do I need a new spring?? or should i just bag it and get the black eagle???

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That gun gets a lot of negative feedback on here,just look at past posts.It also gets a lot of praise from some true believers.If you are really set on getting a new gun,I suggest splitting the difference on a SBE and Stoeger and look for a Benelli M1 Super 90. It is the model that was hot before the and M2 came out.There are some great deals out there because they aren't the newest model out.The only difference between it and the M2 is it doesn't have a comfortech stock or a cryo treated barrel,and a couple little cosmetic things.You can put the M2 barrel on it if you must have the cryo. They can be found in camo models for way less than $1000.Then you can have a tight gat to shoot while you figure out the problem with the 2000.I'm sure someone on here will have the right answer for you so hang tight.


take care

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The problem you're experiencing with your M2000 is a common one.

Although I have yet to have the opportunity to fix one that was doing this, I suspect it has to do with the crappy design on the recoil spring.

Someone here has mentioned that stretching the spring can cure the problem, so that's something you want to try.

If you overstretch it, it will fit the tube too tightly, so do it in small increments.

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