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Advantages of full linght tube vs. +2 mag. ext. for M4.


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Some 2+ extensions like the surecycle have to be removed before you break down the gun. The collar won't let you slide off the barrel. However, I have one because it was less than $100 and I don't plan on breaking it down that often. I think the full length tube is definitely nicer but I didn't want to fiddle with heating the locktite etc etc. Someone posted about Dave Metal Work's full length tube, and it might be cheaper than SoCom guy's, but the latter is a proven entity.

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I like the Factory +2 extension because I like to be able to config. back to factory quickly if I need to... ah, you know what I mean. My ext. DOES NOT interfere with take down at all. I can slide the barrel right of with no problem. Surely someone makes a similar ext? What a bunch of retards to design a mag ext. the damn bbl. won't slide over, Jeesh. All they had to do was copy the Benelli one. Oh, and the Benelli one DOESN"t say Benelli anywhere on it. It coulda' been made by Billy Bob.

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