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Greetings all! I have just purchased a new Benelli Legacy, after lurking around this forum for a while. I was almost put off by a few of the tales of horror listed by some members, but tempered this by the greater number of posts of very satisfied owners. Anyone can have a bad experience with any mass produced product, and they tend to be more vocal than someone who gets what they expect from a premium product. I wanted a great, do-it-all gun that I can hunt with, shoot clays, and do anything else anyone would expect from a 12 ga. shotgun... but I must admit, I was overcome by the "bling" this weapon has! I hope I have made the correct choice! I love it so far, but I haven't pulled the trigger yet.


Best regards to all,


Patrick (gilbertine)

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welcome to forum and great looking shotgun, sure you will enjoy it just keep her well lubed if it's a wall hanger. Break it in with some high brass loads and she will be around forever!




I don't want to hear from Razorback fans right now... They just ran through the Gamecocks like a dose of ex-lax... lol


I keep all my shotguns well lubed. And high brass is about all I shoot. I mainly tukey hunt and about once a year deer hunt on a dog drive with shotgun and about once a year dove hunt. But first and foremost Nelli will be a turkey gun.

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