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THE EGLE 2 is unbeliveble

alan yesilipek

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last week i went hunting to this great lake in turkey for ducks with my super black egle 2. l just couldnt belive my eyes that how much range the shotgun had. l was taking ducks down clearly from 150m to 190m with number 4 federal 2 /34 lead shots/ never seen anything like it. all the guys on the lake were amaized.

l wonder what it could do with 3 2/1 mags?

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when l said l take ducks from 150 meters l wasnt joking. dont belive it but try it out one day. find a duck siting on water start aiming at it as the boat is going towards it and as soon as it flaps its wings to try and take of hit it with 4 shots one after a nother. bang bang bang bang. and see the bullets hit the water. you will hit it. and you will be amaized. it is posible l know.

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Even if it is lead, the pattern would be about the size of a small house. And even if the pellets hit the bird, wouldn't kill it unless he was using buck shot or large hevi-shot.


80-100 meters with lead would be believable, unlikely, but believable. 150-190 is not


Novaking, he's in Turkey, and he is waiting until they start flapping before he shoots. So lead may be legal. I don't really know.

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ok ok l have to say l didnt take a ruller and mesure it but it was along way a way. which surprized me. but lm going shooting this weekend and l ll film those shots out to many yards and l think youll be surprized too. and you will see that we take em down without a worry from 100 meters.

by the way l am a australian living in turkey.

so no more making fun of my shooting till you see the film next week ok. l promice you will be amaized:D

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Not that this is anything like killing a duck, we have at one of my local ranges a 100yrd Crosser clay that I have seen guys it and not just break the clay but expode it. That is with 2 3/4 1 1/8 oz 1300fps lead Remington shells.


But with steel I don't see that the pellets even if they were BB's would have enough umfff to handle a bird.


Just a thought from the lonely clay shooter.



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