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SBEII bolt handle


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Just got my new SBEII home and have a question. The manual says to give bolt handle a "firm tug" but the only way I can remove it is to use a screw driver to pop the handle lose which I'm afraid is going to nick the finish. Any advice?

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I saw on here somewhere.......leave the bolt in the forward/closed position when removing the barrel/receiver top.....this way you will be able to tilt the receiver ejection cutout up and over the bolt handle without marring your finish......THEN take the bolt handle out as tucker mentioned...while out of the receiver.

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Got my SBE II for Christmas and marveled how it would not assemble according to instructions ( couldn't remove the bolt handle " with a firm tug" and couln't get the fore end to "snap" onto the barrel." Read numerous posts about wrapping shoestring around the handle and pulling it off.

Here is the easy solution courtesy of my friendly gun dealer.

Leave the bolt in the forward position. Place the fore end over the mag tube by itself. Then position the barrell with the guide ring over the end of the mag tube. This should concurrently place the bolt in the window area of the receiver where it would be normally. Snug the guide ring into the forend. Gently nestle the Barrel/fore end into its normal position and slide it back into place. You may need to tap the butt against something to make the barrel slide the last 1/8 inch into position. Place the mag tube cap and off you go.

Caution- maintain the rail from the bolt in it's cup like resting spot on the recoil spring in the stock while doing this maneuver.

Secondly, a new gun will be stiff and if you repeat this procedure about 3-5 times it will be easier.

You shouldn't have to use shoestring on a gun this expensive in order to assemble it. It seems to me that after time, extracting the bolt handle repeatedly will make it loose and may cause it to fall out ( which I believe I read happened to a poor soul that posted here. ) Hope this helps someone.

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