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Bolt handle removal


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I am the proud owner of an M1 Super 90, while disassembling this weapon for the first time to clean it I am having difficulty removing the bolt handle. The disassembly instructions say that after the bolt is moved forward until it stops, then to "Tear off the arming bolt". The picture(s) show this to be an easy process but I'm having a heck of a time removing the bolt handle. I can see that there are many knowledgable people on this forum, any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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I wrap a cleaning patch around the choke tube wrench and put one "ear" under the handle and pry it loose. Actually, you can disassemble the gun without removing the handle... just don't lock the bolt to the rear and allow it to remain forward....the barrel assembly will clear it with ease.....reassemble the same way. I believe someone posted some picks on how to do this.

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I have found on my M2 that if I take my finger and "slightly" push rearward on the rotating head the handle pulls right out. You may need to push it in and out a few times. This way there isn't any prying or chance of scratching. I hope this works for you.

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