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Bore Snakes + M4


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As some of you may remember, I picked up an M4 quite some time ago as my first shotgun. Well, after getting out and shooting it, I ran a bore snake through it to clean it up...and now the inside of my barrel is quite visibly scratched up. Is this normal? I thought the entire point of brass brushes was to avoid that. I imagine that scratches in the finish will make fouling occur quicker in the future, so I'm kinda ticked off about this.

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Are you sure you're seeing scratches and not marks left by the plastic wads?

Boresnakes don't get those very well.


Reasonably certain. After I noticed them, I busted out a mop and gave it another run-through, since I no longer trusted the bore snake at all. They're not coming out, and they appear to be scratches in the finish itself.


I'd take a photo, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't come out right.

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try a mop with some solvent and see if that does the job, crimp on end of shell will leave a small amount of residue and if not cleaned regular will gum up and look terrible. I had to use a bore mop cause snake would not get all of this out and i do this after every outing! someone had a picture in an older post but it would build up only where crimp hits inside barrel!

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I've always used a Boresnake on my M4 and the bore looks as perfect as it did when it came out of the box.


Your M4's barrel is chrome lined, it's nearly impossible to cause damage with a bronze phosphor brush. Are you using any bore solvent or CLP?


Same here. There is some crap in the bbl after shooting a couple hundred round but a few passes with the BS and it's all like new again.

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