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Might possibly want to sell my M4


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Just wanting to gauge interest! I have a year old M4(less than 50 rounds shot ) with collapsible stock, PG stock and regular hunting stock.

This package also has a full magazine tube bought on this forum with the original shortened tube with spacer.


Asking $2500


I think their may be some confusion over what I am offering. This shotgun is coming with 3 types of stocks not 1. The CS,PG and hunting stock are all being included so you could use whatever stock at the range. This package comes with everything I got with the shotgun and the accessories I picked up for it.

thank you,


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2000 maybe, but 2500? You could almost by a SWD Mac-11 full auto for that kinda money. Shiite!


Not being a smartass to the OP, but 2500 is WAY high, especially for a standard stock.


Id say $1500 would be a good price.


Here is what I have been seeing them go for


Standard field stock-1500

PG stock, non collapsable-1600

Coll stock-1700-1900.


Just as an example, I gave 1700, and no tax for mine a few months ago. Coll stock, removable chokes, ect.

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I saw an M4 last weekend at a local gun show with PG and the guy was asking $1250.....gun was like new if you like those "black" guns! If it had been camo I woulda jumped on it faster than (enter phrase of choice here).


Also saw a Super Nova Tactical (no PG) for $300 and it too was like new! If it had the PG it would have went home with me and I would be selling a stock & barrel for more than the whole gun cost me.....

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