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Rhino Chokes for SBE II


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If anyone hears or sees a Rhino choke tube for sale for a SBE II, could you please let me know. Between buying a box of 25 Nitro loads, my Benelli 20ga, a Rhino tube for the 20ga and now Nitro loads for the 20! I’m running out of way to explain things to my wife. If I can buy something and save money, I might get back to the good ole eye roll and some yelling which I can handle. Right now, I’m getting the eye roll and silent stare which is something I don’t want to see from her :eek:

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go to www.woodsandwater.com or search it on google. its located in tuscaloosa alabama i was in there the other day and they had some. they were about 120 i think idk if thats pricey or not but they had them. im sure u could find them cheaper somewere else but u could more than likely order one for them. they had a target set up from a sbe2 at 71 yards if im not mistaking it had 23 pellets in the head area...ill be buying one for sure for my sbe2

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yea they had them instock when i was in there i just didnt have 120 dollars at the time to buy one. i tried ordering one today from them off the internet and they were out of stock..i ended up just calling the people at rhino and ordering one from them

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