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Looking for a good tactical sling for my M4. Suggestions?

No F-Bdy Bs

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Im wanting a sling for my M4.

Its a standard (field) stock on there now. Id like something simple, durable, and lastly, a model that has quick release buckles. I dont want to have to spend 5min unthreading/unwrapping the sling if I need to remove it.

I dont care what color it is. Black, OD, Tan, whatever.

I have seen a few models that loop all the way around the stock, with a buckle a few in up, those look nice.


Something alone these lines.




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Guest Cajunkraut

I'm not sure which sling brand is represented in your pic - looks similar to a Wilderness setup.


As far as tactical side swivel/slot-mounted slings go, this seems to be the one many people on this forum seem(ed) to like for the M4:




A newbie at the time, I bought one for my M4. It's a great 3 point.


That said, if I had to do it all over again, I would go with an adjustable 2 point, as I have on all of my carbines. It's simple, at least one model comes with a QD buckle, and is a quick install/uninstall. Check out this link re: tactical carbine slings, applicable as well to the Benelli M4:




Three great adjustable 2 points:








I'm partial to the Blueforce Victory Series, only because it has heavy duty plastic hardware that minimizes scratches to your gun's finish. Other than that, it's nearly identical to the Vickers, just without the quick release.


Just my $.02.

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Looks like a Gear Sector Modular Attachment Point in that picture. I’ve got both the single point ASP and two-point GS-2P and they are great. I really like that I can use the attachments in any combination on any gun. The build quality is sturdy and the design is well thought out. The adjustability of the GS-2P is nice too.


I don’t think that particular stock adapter is listed on the website, but if you call the owner, Jason, he’ll fill you in. He’s a real nice guy to deal with.


If you want some reviews, I know AR15.com has them and weaponevolution.com, where that pic is from, too.


Since my post count is too low I can't hot-link stuff. gearsector.com has the info.



- Philip

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