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Sabot slugs from a smoothbore?


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A buddy of mine sold his shotgun and is now selling off all his ammo. I can get 10 boxes of remington sabot slugs for less than half the store price. The trick is, I've never shot a sabot slug and I have no idea how it will perform out of my gun. I don't want to waste my money on something that won't work.


I have a 28" smoothbore barrel on my Nova and I shoot a lot of slugs so I've mostly been using standard Remington 3" slugs with a cylinder bore choke. The accuracy is good enough for what I need which is camp defense (bears,

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The results depend upon the shape of the projectile moreso than anything else.

If the slug is conical then it needs spin to keep it from tumbling as it travels to its target.

The further the distance, the more likely it is to tumble, lose velocity, accuracy, and ultimately effectiveness.


If the saboted projectile is more rounded and ball-like it will be less less affected by tumbling.


Ultimately, your answer lies within your own conscience.

Do you want to risk a shot at a buck of a lifetime with a slug that may not hit the mark and do the job?

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Thanks for all the input. With regards to "shot of a lifetime", you're absolutely right but not because I might miss the trophy buck. I'm more worried about getting eaten by the big bear coming in through the door of my tent :)


With that thought in mind, which type of slug has more stopping power? Those big 1oz. traditional slugs sure do a lot of damage at close range but having never fired a sabot slug I don't have anything to compare it to. Based on what I've read, sabots are lighter projectiles but go faster. I see that some have hollow points and others are designed to fragment. Does this make them more lethal than the traditional slug? I have no idea. I need something that can drop a charging 500 pound bear. Thanks for the info!

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