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Plastic/Wad residue remover


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Hi All,


I was wondering if the ability of some solvents on the market differ when it comes to removing plastic residue left in the barrel from the wad? I have used Hoppe's for years, but don't know if this solvent does the job? What have you used to remove this residue and keep your barrel polished for ultimate patterning?





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kevin, during my sporting clays tournament "days" I used acetone on my bores....it works very fast and aggressively removes wad fouling from the barrels & choke tubes! wad fouling was always worst in the choke tube and around the forcing cone area (just in front of chamber) but sometimes the fouling could be an issue in the barrel as well. even on chrome bores....less of an issue on chrome but still possible.


I buy acetone at the hardware store in quart or gallon containers....a little goes a long way!


if you have a lot of wad fouling you can see it when it disolves...it is usually a "gooey black" residue and sometimes soaking choke tubes in the acetone is the best way to disolve the plastic. Keep in mind this build up is typically the result of shooting several hundred rounds between cleanings, you might not see the residue if you are shooting 1 or 2 shots before cleaning?!?!


Make sure any cleaning method you use while patterning leaves the bore dry....you don't want any lubricant in the barrel between shots....kinda like cleaning a muzzlloader between shots, i use a 12 ga jag and patches just like I do my muzzlloaders....KleenBore makes both 12 & 20 shotgun jags for this type of cleaning.


disclaimer......don't know if acetone is safe for a camo finishes but it works great on a "black or blue" barrels, just make sure you remove the barrel before cleaning and wash your hands before touching any plastic or wood finishes!!!

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I usually end up using Hoppe's #9 with a Tornado brush.I run a patch of #9 down the bbl,and let it sit a few min.,then run the brush down the bbl,and let it sit out the end while I blast the brush with a blowgun attached to an air compressor.That removes the black plastic "sludge" and doesen't place it back inside when I withdraw the brush. Of all the solvents I have in my shop,the old-school #9 gets the job done FAST.Plus,that stuff just smells great!

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The Hoppe's # 9 seems to be one that does the job. Since my M2 is Camo'd (Max 4) I'm hesitant to use acetone. From what I understand, if bug spray dissolves the camo on Benelli's, I'd venture to say that acetone would be really bad on the finish!!! Thanks 10 Gauge but I'm staying away from acetone on my particular gun.


Looks like I need to have a little more patience and Hoppe's should work.


Thanks Guys!!!

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