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Looking for a new duck/goose gun


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Ducks, geese and sporting clays is a tall order for one gun. Since you are asking for a "good" choice and not a "great" choice, I would suggest an M2 Field with Max-4 camo. A SBEII would be a "great" choice for ducks and geese but perhaps a little much for sporting clays. A Supersport or SportII would be a "great" choice for clays but not necessarily for waterfowl. The M2 falls somewhere in the middle. I use one successfully for clays and loaded with something like Blackcloud Premium shells, it will definitely reach out and touch waterfowl. The purists at the clay course might not take you seriously caring a camo'd gun, but when you start knocking down dozens of clays, they'll come around.

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I have been using the SBE II for several years now. If I had it all to do over again I would get the Cordoba. I really like the porting, back boring, and the longer chamber forcing cone. These are great adaptations for less felt recoil and a quicker second shot.


The Cordoba would be a nicer gun on the shoulder.


It is noisier because of the ports but you should be wearing a set of Pro-Ears or some other electronic headphones.

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Personally I'd go with a SBEII. I waterfowl hunt and shoot clays, I've never had any problems. It just takes a little bit to get it broken in to be able to shoot light loads, and a little lubricant in the chamber.


It may be the way people take care of their guns but I work at a local gun club, and pretty much every gun that is camo that i've seen has wear on the barrel where it is just the khaki color.


I guess it all comes down to preference, if you'd want to shoot 3 1/2's for geese i'd say SBEII, which is a reason why i chose it.

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