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"All around" question


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I am a newbie and want to buy a shotgun I can use for trap shooting, hunting and general shooting. I have seen all of the info about the Supersport and it seems like an all around choice...One of my hunter friends says it will have muzzle flash at dawn and dusk and it will be loud as it is vented...is he correct and what is your opinion about this as a choice of all around shotgun?



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Your friend is correct, there would be muzzle flash as well as a louder than average report due to the venting. You might consider the M2 or Cordoba for a gun that's more comfortable in the field as well as very satisfactory at the range. Good shooting.

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Ah, the infamous "can I buy one gun to use for all sports?" question.


Of course you can, but like the old saying goes, "a jack of all trades is a master of none."


Personally, I would list the following guns as good all around guns, and not necessarily in any particular order:


Remington 1100 or 1187 semi-autos

Remington 870 pump

Winchester Model 12 pump

Beretta 390, 391, or 3901 semi-autos

Browning Gold semi-autos

Browning Citori over/unders

Beretta 68x series over/unders


Some people love the Benelli's. In my experience (admittedly, limited) Benelli's are a superb hunting gun, but a little too light and too much recoil for clay target games. If you're a hunter who occasionally shoots targets, I suppose they're just fine.


There may be more, but I can't think of them right now.


Regarding ported barrels. in my humble opinion, they're a gimmick. Unlike ported rifles, they really don't have much effect on recoil for shotguns, and they do make the gun much louder. If anything, they make the gun shoot just a tad lower, and might help a little on muzzle jump to allow a little easier follow-on shot. But frankly, I've never thought any of my non-ported guns had a problem in that regard.


Your mileage may vary....

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Noise is not much too of a concern until you start shooting thousands of rounds per year at sporting games. And its not just the times you shoot. Most often with clay target games, there are a bunch of other folks around you, shooting too.


Noise damage to ears is cumulative, and irreversible.


So, you must wear good hearing protection when shooting sporting games like trap and skeet.


And as far as the porting goes, its not proven to be particularly effective at what they say it does, plus its a pain to clean the ports, plus, many believe it degrades the aftermarket value of a gun, that is, a gun without porting would sell for a higher price than the same gun with porting.


So...if you can get a gun without porting, I would. If you have a gun without porting, and you're considering having it ported, I'd recommend against it.


If the gun you want is only available with porting...oh well....you're stuck.


Again, this is all just my opinion.


Your mileage may vary.



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in a hunters point of view i dont like the ports on a barrel either due to the extra volume it creates.

if your gunna hunt in a blind with someone else they will surely notice your shooting a ported barrel.

again nothing is gained as far as i have seen, only negative feelings here for a port on a shotty barrel.

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