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Lightest recoil - gas or inertia


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I am trying to decide what shotgun to buy my wife who is 5' tall, and thin. Looking for something light yet has low felt recoil. I have heard comments that gas operated shotguns have less felt recoil. Was considering the Benelli M1 and the Beretta AL391 Urika. Can anyone make a comparison between the two? I am also trying to factor in reliability with light loads and cold weather. This will be purely a target gun, skeet for now then spoting clays, 5 stand, maybe some trap. Any comments relating to choosing the right gun would be appreciated.

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i was in the same boat. i settled for a franchi 620.

i bought her an M1 20ga but it had too much recoil. i looked at a few guns: beretta 3901 20ga(too expensive) 11-87 and 1100(too heavy) browning gold(too expensive).


in general gas guns are lighter in recoil then recoil guns, but the trade off is that gas guns are heavier. the francy 620 fit the bill. lighter weight and gas operated.


the M1 was very lite(like 5.7lb) but its lite weight and inertia action had too much recoil, even for a twenty.


good luck

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my wife just bought a used beretta a303 in 20ga and that gun, is by far, the nicest shot gun ive ever fired. it is super light and the recoil is basicaly nonexistant i ran a box of light field loads threw it in sub freezing weather and had no problems with it. she hated my condor (too heavy too big too much recoil) wouldent evan shoot my mossburg (i dont blame her) also she shot an 870 that she hated (too much recoil in 12ga) then she shot my buddies a303 in 12ga and loved it evan though it was a little big for her. we found the 20 at a gun show for 350 and bought it on the spot. if you keep it clean the 303 will work forever my buddy just took his apart to clean it all the way and found the gas ports were almost clogged and it still worked well. if you can find on thats the gun i would get for her.

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The 391 is a good gun. I don't have one but have shot one quite a bit. A friend of mine as his wife both have the 12gauge models. When I was considering a new gun they let me borrow one for numerous rounds of 5 stand and I realy liked it. my friends wife is around 5-3"/ 4" and petite and she handles it very well. Take a look at 'em. I haven't decided on what I'm buying yet but the 391 is leading the race.

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