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New M4... clean it before shooting?


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"Cleaning" an already clean, unfired bore won't do anything.


You want to lubricate. Put a little clp on the bolt carrier, the bolt sides and the inside of the receiver. Some people, myself included, have put some clp down the recoil tube to lube that a bit. It smooths out the action. There is no need to lube the bore, but it can't hurt.


You want it to be slick, but not dripping or pooling. It will burn off as you shoot if you lube too much, or spray out the side.


It's not NEEDED necessarily, but whenever possible you want to be dealing with oiled metal parts, not dry metal on dry metal.


After firing, you then clean/lube/soak in clp. The finish on the m4 is decent, but it can still rust if you don't soak it in clp or better from time to time. By soak, I mean clean your m4 fully, cover all parts interior/exterior in clp, wipe off excess, then leave soaking.


Congrats on your new purchase, you're going to love it.

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