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M2 slug gun

benelli boy

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I bought the M2 Slug Gun in APG HD at a retail store that starts with "C" and ends with "S" for $1,230 last fall. Then I bought the 26" bird barrel for $500 (including shipping) through a phone order only company given me by an authorized dealer recommended by Benelli customer service. The bird barrel fits up just fine (no new fore end stock needed). I'll be hitting the uplands of MN & SD soon for Pheasant and Grouse :). The only thing I've bought since was a handful of the little plastic plugs for the optics mount holes on the receiver ($3 from our local gunsmith).

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I shoot Remington 2-3/4" Core-Lokt Ultra's through my M2 Slug Gun & with 2x7 Nikon (3.5"gp @ 100yd)


The new Remington Core-Lokt Tipped Sabot grouped just slightly better (3" group), so I stuck with the non-tipped slug because it carriers considerably more energy than this one.


I've been wanting to try the Winchester Partition Gold's and the Hornady SST's, but I like to stick with what has worked for me, and am flat broke for a while after buying all my ammo, MN licenses, and stamps & booking my SD Pheasant trips.


If you try these out, please let me know how they shoot through your M2.

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I have the M2 slug and field barrel combo also. I was wondering how easy is it to mount a scope on the gun for gun season. Can you put it on and take it off rather easy. I am from illinois and use my gun for deer hunting two weekends only, but use it for dove and ducks so I was wondering if it easy to take on and off.

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The hardest part I had in mounting my scope was getting the little plastic plugs out of the scope base mounting holes on the receiver.


The best way to get them out is with a phillips screwdriver. I don't know the sizes, but it is the one you would use on little electronics screws (just smaller than the diameter of the receiver hole). Center the screwdriver head in the plug and tap the screwdriver handle with a small hammer until it sinks into the plug far enough to be able to unscrew it. You should be able to simply unscrew the plugs (counter-clockwise). Don't use a crappy screwdriver or one that is too big! Use firm & steady pressure while backing them out.


The base you need is a Weaver 93A. You should also have it boresighted since the sabots you'll be using are pretty expensive, and you don't want to go through too many just getting your gun zero'd in.


If you feel uncomfortable at all about doing any of this yourself then I recommend taking it into the local gun shop to have it mounted and boresighted. You might have to play with the eye relief a little bit depending on what type of optics you use, but if it's a slug scope or smaller variable power scope you should have no problems.


I'll be hunting Pheasant's and Grouse up until deer season and then again afterwards. I put marks on my scope base to line it up the next time it's mounted. I've had no problems with my M2 and I absolutely love it!


Good luck!!!

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