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  1. Hey all, I just purchased a new M4 limited edition fixed skeleton stock. It was not the weapon I thought it was (due to my lack of research) and found this forum. Using the search all my questions have been answered. I have ordered a 3 position recoil tube, 7 rd mag tube and a compliance trigger / follower kit. I will be replacing it all as soon as I'm state side. The wealth of knowledge here is awesome! 🤘
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  2. My M4 is about done. Only thing left is a Limbsaver if they ever come back in stock. Briley CF mag extension, TTI charging handle, bolt release, safety & extended carrier. Holosun 507 green dot on Scalarworks mount.
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  3. Love the smell of new rubber
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  4. The Super Black Eagle 3 (10379 ) is a black synthetic with a rifled barrel. When doing a pellet count on a SBE 3 you would see a very evenly distributed pellet count with 60% high and 40% lower of your Point Of Aim. Every SBE 3 from the performance shop comes with actual pellet count patterns. If you could give me a day or two I can set up a SBE 3 with Optics and laser sight, to confirm POA shooting slugs, knowing your ammo, yardages, drops are more than like going to be much bigger factors than true POA on a this shotgun. I have worked on several M2 slug guns 20 gauges that shoo
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