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  1. aga7040

    Error message

    Am I the only one receiving error messages on this forum? It's been going on for the past two days?
  2. It's the one from Socomguy. It shows some surface type handling marks. No gouges or deep scratches. Paypal or USPS money order shipped!
  3. New and unfired. Yes, I got it off of GB. $800.00 OBO ftf cash in western Washington county, OR. Paypal or USPS money order with FREE shipping! All NFA rules apply.
  4. Are the pistol/standard grip stocks interchangeable? There is an M3 on gunbroker I have my eye on with a standard stock. Would an M4 fixed pistol grip stock fit on it? Thanks!!
  5. Okay, help me out here. How do/can you have a collapsible stock without the pistol grip?
  6. Yes. Unfortunately, it is not just in California.
  7. The collapsible stock and magazine tube in and of themselves aren't illegal. Once you install them on the M4, then you'll have some issues.
  8. Where did you purchase it, and for how much? Ditto, pics please
  9. http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php?t=8417&highlight=Collapsible+stock
  10. Just got it in today. It's a brand new Benelli M4 collapsible stock, less the original box. Everyone knows these items are becoming increasingly harder to find. Having said that, make me a serious offer. Add $10.00 for shipping to CONUS only. Thanks!!
  11. Have you taken your M4 out for a spin with that GG&G bolt handle. I've read mixed reviews about that particular bolt handle. Some owners said that after putting it on, the thing thing either flew off or broke of altogether. I was considering getting one, but was hesitant after reading the less than stellar reports from people who purchased them. Let us know how yours works out for you.
  12. To say that the magazine tube was tough to get unscrewed is an understatement to say the least. Alot of guys used the "oven method" with sucess. If you can't see yourself putting your M4 in the oven--I being one of them--two words, heat gun. It'll seem like it won't come off. But, Mr.MP is right, heat is the key.
  13. Full Bore is correct. I don't know where/what HNLV's directions are for.
  14. If it's anything like the M4's stock, it's as simple as removing the trigger group, unscrewing the stock you have, then screwing in the other.
  15. If I'm reading the Benelli website correctly, tritium sights are an optional feature for the M4. I took my NIB M4 into a dark room, and sure enough the sights were glowing green. I did a side by side comparison with by buddy's M2 tactical, and only the M4 sights were glowing. Is this now standard on newer M4s, or am I mistaken?
  16. How much are you asking? Where in Oregon are you?
  17. aga7040

    GG&G products

    Their Benelli specific products -- charging handle, bolt release pad, and receiver end plate are made for the M1 and M3. Are they compatible with the M2 tactical?
  18. Agh!!! I was afraid of that...returning it to Benelli that is. Thanks for the input!
  19. Anyone ever experience an AD after chambering a round? I just bought an M2 tactical. It was the first time out with it. I loaded it, chambered a round, then BLAM! Yes, finger off the trigger.
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