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  1. Sounds pretty neat. If you don't mind me asking... What makes tracers illegal where you live? (if any reason for the law has been provided that you know of)
  2. You sure have a way with words. I'd suggest the M4 is the prom date. The hi-cap tube, forearm & follower are the farkles in the corsage. If she's wearing pumps (c-stock), the hammer becomes the darn dress!! Without that (hammer), you're naked. Illegal attire for most proms:o
  3. marc63

    Benelli M4/1014

    Kip is shop.carriercomp.com
  4. I too had hoped it was over... had it not been for the assertion that KB Fab had tried to corner the market in post 19, the fuel would not have existed. Seemed odd that he would accuse someone of cornering a market he implied did not exist. Did not seem fair to watch him plant that seed. Perhaps it was mere sarcasm on his part. I like yourself interjected my .02 cents over what at first smacked of slander. It would appear neither of us appreciate unwarranted animosity. No offense taken by your jumping in too, actually know exactly how you felt.
  5. Gotcha. Thanks for taking the time to clear that up. Aside from your assertion that KB Fab might have hoarded the remaining inventory which was probably harmless sarcasm, I can see where multiple interpretations might evolve based on the perspective you showed there. Perhaps not everyone is in the loop at the source. Let's see how it goes, and hopefully Geissele or whomever will continue to remember our ranks... however small especially given the sourcing logistics have already been overcome. If nothing else these threads prove inventory would always be sought after and aquired by folks like us.
  6. Ahhh you misunderstood. No battle existed. Pointing out what appeared to be skewed details. Did not mean to appear tough, just observant. He was oddly hijacking & undermining a person's thread whom had given up, with wild assertions. Perhaps it was I who misunderstood. Thank you for understanding. Now I see your point. No quarrel with you or anyone else for that matter. Cheers.
  7. TKTM that is a stretch... TKTM your use of tarot cards has undermined your reading comprehension.
  8. Did you record KB's convo with Geissele? Because your inquiry conveys contrived portions no one here is privvy to. KB may have believed your erroneous assertion and bought accordingly, yet I see no indication he (KB) is discouraging others from buying. Your last paragraph is so utterly convoluted as to suggest... well words fail me. I will agree with one thing you said in it, something else is going on here, your marbles are all over the floor.
  9. Anywhere from $300 to $450 recently, maybe nearer the tall figure with an election looming .
  10. KB Fab thanks for this thread. "Back order" and an ongoing store listing indicate to me "demand" and further production. Not to mention the farkles they sent, further testament to Geissele's commitment to this item. I'm convinced.
  11. marc63

    New FFT Stuff

    BTW BM4Robins if it was not an FFT disconnector a link to a new thread would be an appropriate way to discuss that alternative further, or PM details. Thanks.
  12. marc63

    New FFT Stuff

    +1. Please don't just tell us it was heat treated by an outfit that has 30 years experience. Inspire us with pedigrees that have names and bloodlines. And PLEASE post a link to the source, or have your "peer" join the forum and post pics and reviews he and his fellow club members might share.
  13. Willy loves wood... Of couse you do! It parodies your given name:)
  14. I thought every part except the recoil tube were identical between the M1014 and M4??
  15. marc63

    New FFT Stuff

    Ummmm. Those pictures aren't half a**ed theory Its risky to depend on parts that deform. OK. Not willfully, but proudly, if they're using the good stuff. Sweet!! Now you're talking! Post a link to that jam packed thread!!!, and hopefully one that is chok full of hard data, sources, proud materials selection, and renowned component origin would be nice. Otherwise you are only showing us the flip-side of the same coin we have here, specualtive etc. Pony up the truth. You still haven't even told us what 4 components your Benelli rep DID mention were addressed on the H20. We're tired of what you called "nonsensical misinformation , half-assed theories. conspiracies and speculation" , enlighten us. Wasn't a question really. Just wondered like others what your motivation is, we just want raw data, bring us that, not opposing speculation and you'll be the cat's meow. Otherwise.... yawn.
  16. Yep...I noticed that, too. I have mine ordered, but got the word from Kip that they are still at the anodizer and expected back in a couple of weeks.
  17. I like anodizing best. What happened to yours? Either anodizing or Cerakote would require a processor with an FFL. I'd be interested in hearing where you send it in the latter case, since I have a 22lr bolt gun receiver I want Cerakoted.
  18. Does the front facing lens surface get any carbon deposits from the ejection port?
  19. marc63

    New FFT Stuff

    Hey Josh, You are espousing many things. Not helping much. Conspiracies? Really? Who? Conclusions? Where? Pictures, theories and reviews are priceless. Only a conspiracy if they were photoshopped. We aren't drawing conclusions. FFT has every right to guard their source, and Benelli might be too busy to spell out their build spec sheet, which leads some folks to think out loud. Ease up and let them troubleshoot. Even RDA1 suggested alien intervention. Roll with it. Not all the intel is bad. P.S. TKTM your last paragraph was very well put. Thanks.
  20. It works TOO well on some aluminum, creating a jet black veneer that flakes off like glitter. Then flawlessly on other aluminum types, perfectly mimicking the surrounding anodizing... all the way down to having little to no effect on resistant alloys, where it may just take a hint of grey. The only thing that OFTEN helps is to scuff the aluminum (might be tricky on tiny affected areas) in order to break through the self healing exo-skeleton that aluminum develops when it oxidizes after it is exposed to ambient air. Either way, the bare aluminum won't migrate on an anodized part. Now if it were plated, then you'd have big problems, which is why I'm leary of the H20 guns. Plating is great for steel, but have seen shotgun receivers with cavernous pitting under compromized plating of aluminum.
  21. Wow. Thanks for the heads-up, Sonny! Was able to tune in, and what an eye-opener. It looks like the M4 was a real hit with everyone involved!
  22. And, finally, it looks like there may be black ones in our future. Kip (Carriercomp) said he sent some out for a test finish but hasn't gotten them back yet. It would be nice to see a pic...
  23. Congrats, Zeke. I definitely recommend Carriercomp's titanium mag tube (with free follower). It takes a little while to get it, but it's well worth the wait! It was one of the first things I added to mine. BTW- It will take care of two parts toward compliance (the tube plus the follower).
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