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  1. Often wondered why ad's stipulate; "Limit {insert quantity here} per customer, per day. Now I know why, to prevent a run. I've seen large distributors pin features on a gun to compete with a neighboring outfit across the state line. That's how factory equiped pistols with lasers, Hogue grips, etc became vogue. Still screws the little guy. HINT!! Kip... until I get mine, limit one per customer, and ask KB Fab to drop ship his extra my way due to a distribution error
  2. Why did I sleep in??? Guess I will be watching for bolt knobs in the WTS section. Someone appears to have cleaned them out. Re-seller maybe? The reply to my email indicated a range/shop purchase early this morning. Must have been an East Coast miser. Anyone else here get one? Want to sell it? Apparently even bad press is good press. Sold them ALL in one day. Hope their honeymoon is great:D. Next release by mid August. Woot!
  3. Why would they? Beyond the typical internet white noise, there is an emerging Benelli friendly component people are curious about. Eliminating the thread over someone trying to poison the well would be a shame. Like you said earlier, let haters have a different place (or thread) to vent, those threads ARE usually removed, so trolls usually gravitate back to valid threads to feed their psyche. Parasitic maybe, but I see past it.
  4. Grrr. Sounds like a lot today, but we'll remember that as cheap if they continue to climb in price again. If I liked them (C-Stocks) I'd probably pay that since Benelli has closed the door again.
  5. Perfect example of how to suit owner's requirements. I would be reluctant to buy a hanguard with focused or worse, extraneous mounting real estate. Modding the factory hanguard with adapters like the Thorn Tail epitomizes optimization. Thanks for the idea!!
  6. Stainless usually plays well with titanium, but under the right (wrong) circumstances can gall. Aluminum if hard anodized, is outstanding as a reciprocating component, being that its surface is at or around 70C on the Rockwell scale. That's why aluminum AR15 receivers stand up well to hardened steel bolt carrier abuse. My guess is your GG&G follower, while heavy, should work well. FFT also makes red followers, but not sure if they are hard coat, or decorative anodized. Do you have the factory follower? The Carriercomp hard anodized follower you'll get use to include a tool so you could adapt the factory safety insert. A quality stainless follower, or hard anodized aluminum follower would be my choice. Avoid too much lube with the stainless follower, as it may self imbed dirt particles picked up by the lube. Hard anodized aluminum won't have that problem, and is lighter (followers should NEVER be heavy).
  7. Looking past the white noise, once again Kip said he'd build something. Chupacabra it ain't, members here have recent pictures. He also said he will list them... my bet is he will. Sure it is tedious lamenting his lack of corporate efficiency, but nothing here has convinced me to shun him. He's human, loves building what WE want, and always comes through. What's not to love?
  8. I will probably be ridiculed as a "Newbie" or some such nonsense, but I still feel compelled to give my opinion on this. The careful reader can easily observe that Unobtanium did not "even remotely hint" that anyone stole money from anyone! As an employee of a small business myself, I will readily raise my hand if you ask, "Have you ever told someone you shipped something, thinking you have, and find out later that it is sitting right on the shelf?" I suppose that if you were a business owner, you could guarantee this would NEVER happen. Good for you! I will agree with you on this, though, there is definitely "weirdness" in this. The "weirdness", IMHO, is that you seem to be so fixated on some old beef with Kip. I did this search that you spoke of in your earlier post, and all I seem to be able to find is a bitter "Big Hat" who seems to have nothing better to talk about than the shortcomings of Kip. I will have to whole-heartedly agree with Raptor that it seems you "just like to talk a lot".
  9. I have 2 cents to put in, if anyone cares. Joshua's statement may have been a bit more strongly-worded than what I would have said, but I think his sentiment is spot-on. No one comes here to hear this Big Hat person whine about whatever happened between him and Kip. We come here to get unbiased, educated reviews on good, solid products. Big Hat is the only one who is not doing that. What is your contribution here?
  10. Yes. Exact same here. I can hover above the tools and see a description, but no icons across the bar. The words "Font" and "Size" are always present, but nothing else. I can't upload photos to an album either. It will go through the motions, but the album never populates.
  11. Found this post on TNDucks.com Worth a try; Benelli Recoil Spring Assembly (w/ Tube) Jan 2nd, 2012 at 10:49pm I am selling a LIKE NEW factory recoil spring assembly for the older Benelli Super Black Eagles (and M1's). I have a wolff springs +10% spring that I can include as well. This will include the tube, wofl recoil spring, recoil spring plunger assembly, and nut screw. I ordered this from Brownells a few months ago, but then received a surecycle for Christmas. The tube and spring have never been hunted with and are in excellent condition. The price is $85 shipped. If you have questions or are interested, please email me at [email protected]
  12. OK I just researched some more. Some reviews indicate weapons mounting, but did not offer specifics. I could not find any G**gle images showing a weapons adaptation Must be some way. Duct tape... hopefully not.
  13. Some people would say this means they went "Bye bye-ALL GONE" lol. I would tend to agree with your more plausible theory, all spoken for and hard to keep up with demand.
  14. marc63


    We had similar experiences. Much of the land where we had great hunting, was tended to by FFA and BLM, both have abandoned tending the habitat decades ago, letting tanks run dry, predators flourish, and feed cut off.
  15. Bare bones news reporting. Propaganda free zone. Nothing to argue with here. 'Thank you please drive through'
  16. Looks like it may have proprietary mounting grooves. I'd check to see if that mount can be fitted to a flashlight mount.
  17. Cheer up TKTM!!! Absense makes the heart grow fonder;
  18. Dang! Sold out. Must be popular. "One more batch" follows continued demand. You're like a one man marketing machine Ooh cool! Hope these same forum members will courteously re-supply Brownells and Midway. Wanna wager?! Thanks for the update. The sky is falling... after this batch, OK the next one, wait the one after that.
  19. I don't see any question marks, sooooo, agreed. Are you using a trail camera? What brand? Thanks for sharing.
  20. +1. That sentiment gets me missing my 1st pump. Different animal yes, simple and effective too.
  21. Haha yes! I thought he was jousting with the camera when I followed the link.
  22. The last AdvCamo coated one I saw in a thread had issues that seemed to reveal a pale primer under the camo. Even if you stripped both layers off I doubt it would be presentable. Might have to bead blast and re-blue or park it (parkerize) sp? Hope I spelled that right.
  23. I have also heard they fixed the mounting issue. Buy with confidence.
  24. marc63

    WTB - Barrel for SBE

    Are you looking for a second barrel, or possibly interested in a trade for the barrel you currently have on it?
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