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  1. Thanks for the heads up SD!... Sorry you had an issue, this is about the first time I recall any issues reported here with the GG&G outside of some difficulties with the installation.....Are the more rounded edges you are talking about the actual outline of the pad or the serrations on the pad face itself?
  2. Welcome to the forum Texas Hancock!!!.... Look on the receiver near the trigger guard for two letters in a little rectangle and then look up the letter code on a chart of Italian Firearms Date Codes like you can find here: http://blackpowdertimes.com/index.php?topic=121.0 Take Care, Hookster
  3. Hat and lanyard received!!!!!... Wow!...That was fast....I should have known....H&K's quick shipping is legendary around these parts! Thank you again Sir!!!.....
  4. Yeah I just hope the hat is already 922r compliant and I don't need to replace the bill, lining or adjuster band with US made hat parts......
  5. Hi Muzzleloader! There should be a small stamp on the receiver.....probably close to the trigger guard, with a two letter code in a little rectangle....check those two letters on a listing of Italian Firearms Date Codes like you can find here: http://blackpowdertimes.com/index.php?topic=121.0 Later, Hookster
  6. Here it is...... http://www.gunpartscorp.com/catalog/Detail.aspx?pid=742080&catid=10308 Later, Hookster
  7. Hey lugie!!! Welcome to the forum.. You might try Numrich... I think they often have them Later hookster
  8. I'm with you on that one John!!.....I was born here but at some point I will be settling elsewhere......for now though, surfing is keeping me here.....
  9. Not my fault you didn't make any large contributions to H&Ks bank account in the Caymen Islands
  10. Wow!!!!!!...... I'm beyond tingly now!!!!!....Thank You HK!!...I will wear it with pride....Shipping info on the way Thanks Again, H:):)kster
  11. Yeah... I'd like to hear the review on their forend!!! If you can remove the six o clock rail and just use a short segment on one of the side positions I might be interested.. :-)
  12. True that!!.....If they did a good job on this one..... they will do well....
  13. Hookster

    New to Benelli!!!

    Yeah.... you can definitely get into one for under a grand....Keep your eye on Gunbroker, etc Later, Hookster
  14. Hookster

    New to Benelli!!!

    Welcome aboard James!!! If you do want to go auto...You might want to keep an eye out for a good condition Benelli M1 or M2 Tactical.... Deals can be found Later, Hookster:)
  15. If you put oil on the #2 Phillips driver it will reduce damage to the rubber
  17. Hey Zeke....Just messing with ya!!...The Carriercomp rail is the correct spec....No worries unless you plan on adding optics down the line....We've seen issues with the Benelli rail tearing up LaRue mounts etc. Later, Hookster
  18. Congrats Zeke!!....It looks great!!!...Worth the wait?....I bet so!!! You forgot to order a Carrier Comp top rail though.... Later, Hookster
  19. Hi Stinx, We've often seen similar problems described by forum members who have just installed full length tubes and can't get the 8th round in. There are variations in length of 2 3/4" shells. In some cases if the variation is say...1/8" and then you multiply that by the number of shells in the tube, it adds up to not enough room for the last round. Is your department using a different brand of shells than it has in the past? I supposed even if it is the same brand that has always been in use there could be variations in different lots from the same manufacturer....Anyway... since you said the problem extends to multiple M2 shotguns not just one, I'd suspect shell length is the culprit. Try a couple other brands and report back. Take Care, Hookster
  20. Hey Case I use Specter Gear buttstock shell carrier as my rear attachment point. I've been very happy with that set up Later, Hookster :-)
  21. Hey Case, I'm glad it was helpful....I'm really happy with the BMT/X300 set up too!! Did you go with the 6 slot rail?
  22. Nice Pic Copenhagen!!! Congrats on the end of the wait! Worth the wait though Huh.....? ....
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