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  1. Hey All, Common issue with new users....Try different brands....some are like 1/8" longer than others and it adds up fast. Take Care, Hookster (Looks like KB beat me to the punch
  2. I know, I know.....It's enough to drive a man crazy..........This kind of stuff is why I don't sleep well at night!!!!
  3. Hey All, I'm clearing out a few things some of you might be interested in. I pay shipping. PM me if interested or if you need more details... Surefire M80 Railed Forend.......SOLD This is a second one that I aquired it has never had a round fired while it was mounted on a weapon. just like new, no blemishes or issues with original box Sidearmor Full Length Rail System.....160 (sold pending funds) Comes with two full length side rails and one short, 4 shot sidesaddle (unused) and all screws/allen wrenches. No blemishes or issues (a couple pics of rail below in post #5) CDM Mod-C Light mount..........40 SOLD Mounted briefly once then removed, Just like new, no blemishes or issues Specter Gear Benelli CQB sling w/Buttstock Shell Carrier. SOLD Black. Just like new, no issues Take Care, Hookster
  4. Welcome aboard LRM!!!!.....
  5. I sure hope not!!!!....I don't think it will come to that but I can see some other states getting closer to what the laws here are currently like. Things aren't looking to good in Hawaii right now....We will all just have to keep fighting the good fight and make sure our voices are heard. I hope everyone here has written/emailed/called their employees (aka Senators and Reps) Cya, Hookster
  6. Yes, 5 notches = Cylinder which is fine for slugs, you'd also be ok firing slugs through 4 notches (Improved Cylinder) or even 3 notches (Modified) but don't go any tighter than that. Take Care, Hookster
  7. I usually give a welcome to new forum members.. Just not feeling it this time...
  8. Hey M4DC! You might also want to consider the CDM BMT mount. Here's a thread on them with some thoughts and pics I posted after I received it. http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php/29303-CDM-BMT-Light-mount?highlight=cdm+bmt Take Care, Hookster
  9. Good looking setup forzArmata!!!....
  10. Wow!.....A new record.....Crazy times we are living in....
  11. Hey! ... welcome to the forum M4 DC!!!.... I'm guessing you may want to add a full length mag tube at some point. There's more posts than you can ever imagine about adding a full lenth tube and being in 922r compliance. Use the search function and you will find all you need to know. Here's a link to FFT's site...they pretty much lay it out in a straight forward manner. http://freedomfightertactical.com/922r-faq/ Take Care, Hookster
  12. Hookster


    Welcome to the forum MM!!!!.... Nice to have another member from the Great State of California!!.....Yeah..the current stuation is pretty much affecting everything gun related...I hope all goes well with getting your M2. In the mean time this is a great place to learn everything about M2s that you couldever hope to learn. Take Care, Hookster
  13. Hookster

    Great Letter!!!

    Hey All, Just in case you haven't seen Cpl. Boston's letter to Diane Feinstein.... Here ya go... http://morallowground.com/2013/01/04/scathing-letter-from-marine-cpl-joshua-boston-blasts-sen-dianne-feinstein-over-proposed-assault-weapons-ban/ Take Care, Hookster
  14. Yeah... I was keeping my eye out to see if any of the Governor's minions had one but no go so far... Loved the fight with the Gov and Michone and the biting heads laying on the floor!!!....good stuff!!!...
  15. Yeah.....Walking Dead is hard to beat!!...Can't wait for new episodes in Feb!!! Later, Hookster
  16. ............................wow..........................W:confused:W...................W:(W................
  17. Behold.....World War Z Hookster
  18. +1 on that!....it'll be interesting to see how well they do...but hey! at least more companies seem to be getting into the M4 arena...sadly most of the efforts seem to be a little off the mark but it sounds like the ProMag stock is not too bad. I'd like to see someone working on a more ideal light mounting solution...maybe an improved Blam4 or some quality OEM type USA made grips with a rail section appropriately placed. Hookster
  19. Hey Brahma and welcome to the forum!!!! I'm in CA too... The standard fixed PG stock is fine here... That's the only version I see in the shops here, you just can't have the collapsible stock. If you prefer to add the standard (non PG) stock they turn up here, gunbroker and on Numrich fairly regularly. Take Care, Hookster
  20. Thanks for posting Sukhoi!!...I just used the links and message in the MAC video to write my Senators, Reps and the Prez it only takes a couple minutes, I hope everyone else is doing the same....We really have to make some noise about this one. Here's the link to send messages quick and easy, it routes to the appropriate official based on your zip code: http://www.congress.org/congressorg/mail/?alertid=61046526&type=ML Here is the sample letter he provided that you can copy/paste: Greetings, Due to the recent events at Sandy Hook elementary school we now face renewed threats to our Constitutional rights. While I understand how painful the loss must be for those touched by this tragedy, blaming firearms or their owners and punishing them is not the answer to the challenges we face as a nation. We already have laws that were violated by a man who was likely psychotic and heavily medicated. This man was stopped by the mandatory background check from purchasing firearms. He then decided to murder his mother and take her legally owned firearms to commit this tragedy. If your true goal is to protect our children, then enact legislation that will do that. Banning firearms that are rarely used in crime (less than 1% of the time) is not going to stop such tragedies, that was proven in 1999 when the Columbine shooting took place under the 1994 ban. Do something meaningful, please. Make committing the insane easier. Put armed security guards in our schools. But do not strip us of our rights and property by passing additional anti-gun laws that have historically had no positive effect on crime in our nation or others. Thank you. Take Care, Hookster
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