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  1. Thanks for the pics SD! and Thanks AVA for putting out a well thought out product!!! Later, Hookster
  2. Finally!!! A solution to the eternal problem!!! Looks Good!! Cya Hookster
  3. Hookster

    New here

    Welcome aboard No, 6!!!!!!
  4. Here's a closer look at the CDM BMT Clamp (with pics!) http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php/29303-CDM-BMT-Light-mount?highlight=CDM+BMY+Clamp I run it with a Surefire X300 U.... Cya, Hookster
  5. Glad it was helpful AGI!! Take Care, Hookster
  6. Hey Seasam!....Beyond all the thread tech talk....I like the look!
  7. YUP!!!!!!!!!!......... ...Thanks M4 DC...Good Post!!!
  8. Definitely an option I'm not discounting these days......
  9. ...................CRAZY!!!!!............
  10. +1 on that!!!! $605!!!!!! Someone really didn't like the PG stock....Huh? ....Crazy times....
  11. Probably not but keep your eye peeled here, post a wtb and give it the occasional bump at some point you'll be rewarded
  12. Hey Danj......They show up around here on the forum for sale or trade on a somewhat regular basis but you usually have to be ready to pounce if they do. You can also keep an eye on gunbroker and sometimes Numrich has them....Have you tried calling Benelli CS? Later, Hookster
  13. I'm using the CDM BMT......review and pics in this thread http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php/29303-CDM-BMT-Light-mount?highlight=cdm+bmt Cya, Hookster
  14. Nope.... but Wow...interesting!!!....
  15. [h=2][/h] Welcome to the forum NJ!!!....Look on the receiver near the trigger guard for two letters in a little rectangle and then look up the letter code on a chart of Italian Firearms Date Codes like you can find here: http://blackpowdertimes.com/index.php?topic=121.0 Take Care, Hookster
  16. Hey SD....I hadn't seen that SOE setup....Looks like it could work nicely! I also like these pouches from Specter Gear http://www.spectergear.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=365 They hold 18 rds per pouch and you could configure a number of them onto a molle vest then throw on a couple bandoleers to boot share your thoughts if you do try the SOE Cya, Hookster
  17. Or something like this? http://ergogrips.net/ergo-tactical-light-switch-mount-black.html And check out the remote pressure pad mounting clips here http://www.botachtactical.com/sttaliresw.html I used these to mount a Streamlight switch on my Sidearmor rail and they were very secure Later, Hookster
  18. Sorry....It sold a couple weeks ago...
  19. Welcome to the forum Kaufmanm4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cya, Hookster
  20. That's gonna look sweet SD!!! Looking forward to the pics!!!!
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