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  1. Hey KB!!! You got a room up there in OR you want to rent out?
  2. Indeed!!!....Thanks for the research Boom Boom Boom! Cya, Hookster
  3. Your tax dollar at work..........
  4. PM sent with possible lead....
  5. Hookster

    Just another M4

    Glad all is well AC!!!... I've been meaning to try out the PDX....Looks like good stuff! Cya, Hookster
  6. Hi dpemd and welcome to the forum! 922r isn't overly complicated... Just illogical... Freedom Fighter Tactical's website has a pretty straightforward section to answer questions about it here: http://freedomfightertactical.com/922r-faq/ Compliance now is much easier than it used to be with more quality compliance parts available Take Care, Hookster
  7. At least Washington sees us "voting with our wallets".....
  8. Hi J, Yeah I think contacting them (Sidearmor) is the way to go unless it's spelled out specifically in the instructions. Like SD said, what they recommended for the full rail system could differ from what the recommend for yours Cya Hookster
  9. Hey J!!!! Before you install the oem washers with the Sidearmor screws I'd check wih Sidearmor IIRC with my full length Sidearmor rail they specified to not use them. I maybe wrong but I can double check that when I get home this evening and get back to you. Later, Hookster
  10. Hookster

    New M4 Owner

    Looks good! We always like pics!...welcome to the forum John Cya, Hookster
  11. Hey Biscuit!...Maybe a shot of the right side and one from straight above where I could see how far away from the barrel it puts the light..... how much play did it have with the mount pointed back? Do you think it could be shimmed to eliminate the play? Thanks Hookster
  12. Hey Quickbiscuit! Do you have a pic of your setup you could post? I wonder if they made a mod to the design to reduce Play/movement?
  13. Yeah fit looks gorgeous! I've shared your same fears about them. Looking forward to seeing your light mount mods!!!
  14. Sidearmor price reduced 160 shipped "The rail is still for sale"......
  15. I reviewed the CDM BMT and Mod-C here (with pics of both) http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php/29303-CDM-BMT-Light-mount?highlight=cdm+bmt Cya, Hookster
  16. Hey PC, Since you are now the same length as a full length tube I would get a Wolff spring. I don't know if Kip (Carriercomp) currently has them in stock but I'd start there first.
  17. http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php/31663-Magazine-Capacity-Issue!
  18. Hookster

    Where's Kip?

    Hey jdkarmy, I too am in the Great State of Cali (surfing the Monterey Bay with the great whites!!!)...I was anxiously awaiting production of the Urbino for some time as my third compliance part so I could go back to my OEM forend grips. (I had been using a Surefire M80 as my 3rd part)...however...after it came out i waited to get the feedback on it and the issues with the attachment as well as the gap were enough to turn me off knowing my OCD would keep me up at night thinking about that stuff. Plus, although a shorter LOP might be nice, the OEM stock LOP was fine for me Mind you, there are plenty of happy Urbino customers around here who are totally happy with it but around the same time other compliance parts started to become available as well. I ended up trading in my M80 forend and got the geiselle hammer as my third part. I guess I thought that the Urbino would be a slight downgrade for the sake of compliance while the Geiselle hammer was an upgrade with the added benefit of compliance. Cya, Hookster
  19. Hookster

    Where's Kip?

    Yeah...It's easy to get obsessed with the M4... We always look forward to pics when you get it dialed in the way you want... Cya Hookster
  20. Hookster

    Where's Kip?

    Hey Jdlkamry!....Welcome to the forum.... I have the Carriercomp tube and I've never been hands on with the FFT but I've never seen any complaints around here about the FFT tube and I have seen praise for it. We're a pretty picky bunch of OCD sufferers around here. I'm sure you'll be fine..... Take Care, Hookster
  21. All items shipped and tracking numbers sent by email or PM Thanks to all!!! BTW "The Sidearmor is still for sale"..... Take Care, Hookster
  22. Hey All, Yard sale went well!....I will be shipping everything out Friday AM and Tracking #s will be PM'd Still have the Sidearmor Full Rail System available. Dropping price to 200 obo shipped Take Care, Hookster
  23. Hey M4W.... Yeah I meant new to M4s....This seems to be an issue that comes up on the forum with some regularity although, usually the poster has just installed a full length tube which magnifies the shell length issue as the number of rounds in the tube increases. I think Benelliwerkes posted a nice pic at one time illustrating the differences in lengths of different brands of shells. Take Care, Hookster
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