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  1. Someone asked me why I shot a 3.5 " mag. for turkeys. My reply was, " because they don't make a 4" mag.
  2. Maybe the old analogy of looks bad, feels good, rings true in this case.. Can't wait to wrap my arms around one.
  3. It also appears that you can load them in the morning and shoot all day.
  4. I have had a Nova and also a Super Nova for 5 years or so. Have not had any mechanical problems whatsoever. The forearms rattle on both,but I guess that's the nature of the beast. All in all, a very nice weapon for the price. I would not hesitate to buy one!
  5. At short distances, as in HD, the bigger the pattern the better. Never had to do it, but it's got to be tough trying to aim at someone you are trying to kill in the dark. With the adrenalin rush and the fear factor involved, the less aiming the better for me..
  6. The job you did on the Ar is beautiful, I do not have the talent to do the same.
  7. Mine has not chipped, nor is it junk. You can probably spray paint it for 1/20 of the cost, if that is what you want. If you want to spray paint a $1400.00 gun to save a few bucks, then the option is yours. Not for me...
  8. I had my SBE 1 dipped at Gander Mountain about 6 years ago and it was money well spent. They did a great job, and it looks like it was done yesterday.
  9. I have not tried Nitro, but I will give it a go ASAP. Thanks for the heads up.
  10. If the pattern was good at 50 yards, which is hard to believe, I would look into a red dot, conventional scope or adjustable sights, to get the gun to shoot where you are aiming. I don't know if there is another choke out there that will pattern at 50 yards. I have shot the Jellyhead with #6 Winchester Hi-Velocitys' and the pattern fell off after 30 yards. Good luck.
  11. hognutz

    The Vinci

    I am wondering if the Vincis' are shooting to the point of aim? I had issues with my SBE 1 and SBE 11. I scoped the 1 and sent the 11 back to get straightened out, which Benelli did, to my satisfaction. I am new to this forum thing, and am wondering what advances a junior member to member,and a member to senior member. I would appreciate your feed back. Thanks
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