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  1. I have not tried Nitro, but I will give it a go ASAP. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. If the pattern was good at 50 yards, which is hard to believe, I would look into a red dot, conventional scope or adjustable sights, to get the gun to shoot where you are aiming. I don't know if there is another choke out there that will pattern at 50 yards. I have shot the Jellyhead with #6 Winchester Hi-Velocitys' and the pattern fell off after 30 yards. Good luck.
  3. hognutz

    The Vinci

    I am wondering if the Vincis' are shooting to the point of aim? I had issues with my SBE 1 and SBE 11. I scoped the 1 and sent the 11 back to get straightened out, which Benelli did, to my satisfaction. I am new to this forum thing, and am wondering what advances a junior member to member,and a member to senior member. I would appreciate your feed back. Thanks
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