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  1. On early season pheasants modified choke would be O.K. The later the season the tighter the choke and perhaps, the larger the shot. A pointing dog may alter the length of the shot, no matter the season. My BIL has shot more than his share of pheasants, in Ia., over a German Shorthair, with an improved cylinder. If they are not falling the way you like, go to a tighter choke and try some #5's. Good luck.. Mike
  2. One thing is certain..If you can't hit anything with it, it doesn't pay to keep the gun. Find the problem, get it fixed so that you can enjoy shooting this fine shotgun, or peddle it and find one that will shoot where you point it.. I have zero tolerance for a gun (any format) that doesn't shoot where it is pointed. And.. the more expensive that gun is, the more it burns my Butt!!
  3. Truckcop has it right. Shoot the gun from a bench and see where it is hitting. If it is off a mile, send her back. My SBE ll was shooting 12" high, out of the box. Sent it back, and Benelli fixed it within a month. Until you know where the POI is, you won't know why your missing your targets. Mike
  4. The M2 is probably as entry level as Benelli gets. They are great guns, but not a whole bunch cheaper. I have an M2 in 20 ga. and love the heck out of it..
  5. It's totally up to you, but the Vinci that you own will do the trick, nicely. The 12ga. 3" shell is plenty big enough to kill gobblers. They shoot them every day with smaller gauges. As far as the oddly colored, Vinci, that doesn't matter either. Not everything in the woods is the same color. There are too many people out there that think if their pants camo doesn't match their shirt, they will never kill a bird. Unless you want to spend your money, use what you've got. It will work. But, with that being said... A guy can never have enough guns!!
  6. Does it have sights of any kind on it?
  7. Is it that bad, Tucker? Haven't been on in a coon's age. Merry Christmas to you, as well..
  8. That sure looks like fun.. Great pictures. Nice weather.. That's about as cool as it gets.. Nicely done.
  9. Thanks for the info, sagedog. I am struggling with the bbl. length issue, but am leaning towards the 26". That is what I have on my Legacy, and I shoot that very well. Mike
  10. I am considering buying an M2 Field APG in 20ga. I don't quite know if I want the 26" or 24" bbl, as of yet.. Anyone have any input about this shotgun? I have the 20 ga. Legacy, but it is just too nice to beat around in the woods. Google brings up jamming issues, but I would like to get some info right from the people that own one. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.. Thanks, Mike
  11. hognutz

    Got Him!

    Congrats on the nice bird. Are those Rios out your way??
  12. Congrats on the nice gobbler..
  13. I had to shoot one with my new 10ga. BPS turkey masher. He was only 25 yards away, and looking right at me.. Never stinkin' fails..He got a snood full of Nitro 7's, that kinda messed up his noggin'. Awesome!!
  14. How long was his beard, Tucker? It looks like is well over 10".. Nice bird, my friend..
  15. Try an Indian Creek choke and some Hevi-shot #6's or #7's.
  16. This is the bird that I shot on opening morning. (4/11/12). Shot him at 25 yards with a facefull of Nitro #7's from my BPS 10ga.
  17. Way to go, Tucker.. Nice turkey bird..Mike
  18. I shoot 3.5" Win. Hi-Vel. #6's out of all my Benelli's, when I shoot lead. It patterns great. The only way that you will know, with any gun, is to try each. They are all different. Buy a couple of boxes of each, and have some fun testing. It is the only surefire way to know what you have. It will also let you see what your POI is compared to your POA. This is absolutely crucial for turkey hunting. You must know where the gun shoots, and then determine if a sighting device is needed..The .650-.660 range of constriction is a good bet. Again, you may want to try it and see how it works for you. Hope this helps, some..Mike
  19. The 26" will probably group a tighter pattern. The velocity gain will be about 20 F.P.S. Either length will get the job done..Mike
  20. That doesn't sound right to me. I would bring it back..
  21. I had the same problem with a SBE ll. It shot 16'' above POA. I sent it back, with a target that I had shot. They fixed it and returned it with a target that they shot. It was dead nuts after I got it back. Something was wrong with the gun, period. I bought a SBE l years ago for turkey hunting only. It shot 12'' low and 12'' right. I put a red dot scope on it, so it didn't matter. The point is they do come out of the factory not shooting where they are pointed. It is not all pilot error. I have been shooting all my life, I'm 58 years old, and pretty much know how to handle a shotgun. I have a Vinci that shoots 4-6'' high, as well. I can live with that, barely..It is for sale..I also have 2 Legacy's, (12 and 20), a Super Nova and a Nova that all shoot where you point them. So it can be done..Drives me crazy. Make them all shoot to POA and shim if you want the POI to raise..Then everyboody's happy..Mike
  22. If youy need to ask that question, you must be early on in your career..
  23. hognutz

    Benelli vinci

    You wont notice any difference in reaching out to touch doves with the shorter bbl. It may swing a little better with the 28'', but that would be about it. Most wingshooters like the longer barrels, but it is a matter of preference. Your range will not be diminished by a 2'' shorter barrel. You will lose about 20 feet per second. No big deal..Good luck with the decision, and welcome to the world of Benelli..Mike
  24. Strutbuster. I smell what you're stepping in.. I have had this problem with certain Benelli's, myself. The first thing that I do, is put the thickest shim in. If that doesn't go far enough, then I put a taller bead on the front. A Nova bead is taller and will help some. I also have used a Champion Easy Shot, that Tom Knapp brags about. The Easy Shot is a nice sight, and comes in two colors and sizes. I used this on my Vinci, which, by the way, shot about 70/30 over my POI. If the gun is really shooting high, (I had a SBE ll that shot 16'' high of POA at 20 yards), I would call Benelli's CS and see if they will do something about it. They fixed mine, but I doubt that they would do your's because of it falling into their realm of acceptability. They make them to shoot above POA, and that drives me nuts. If I was king, they would all shoot to POA and if you wanted a higher POI, then shim them up to obtain it. Other than bending the barrel, as already suggested, that is my story on Benellis that shoot high. I hate it worse than you do.. Hope this helped..Good luck...Mike
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