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  1. Trap loads are low brass. Hunting shells are high brass. Compare the two and you will see the difference in the height of the brass on the rim of the shell...Mike
  2. Shoot a couple of boxes of high brass anything. These guns can be a little ''tight'' from being put together with tight tolerences. All it does is add a little extra oomph to dull the sharp edges, so to say. Most will function with trap loads out of the box, but why not speed the process along with something that you know will not jam the gun. Keep it clean, keep it oiled, break it in, and it will last you a lifetime and then some..Mike
  3. I own both, and if I had to pick one it would be the SBE ll, hands down. It points better, looks better, and it has a track record. Both are good, reliable guns, but it's SBE ll for me..Mike
  4. Congrats on the two nice birds. ..So you've got two Easterns in your life. One has a 15-1/4'' beard, and the other a double beard of 5'' an 9''. That must really be a good "spot''. Mike
  5. Don't forget to take some tape for your thumb. It will be raw, in short order, from reloading the gun. Trust me..Mike
  6. I have a Primos Cutter. It is a single sided box. It plays great. I only use a box call to locate or when it is windy, but I would definitely buy another if this one got lost..It is a fairly inexpensive call, but it really screams..Good luck, Mike
  7. Thanks, Tucker. Seems like we see a turkey in your boat, every year. You build a moat around your favorite spot? Good luck to ya the rest of the season..Mike
  8. Just a tad under 10''. He was awful wet, so the beard looks a little spindly. It actually was a pretty thick beard. He weighed 18#, and had 1'' hooks..That's a pretty good gobbler for up there. They don't get real heavy..Mike
  9. Good luck to you, Mudhen. Let us know how you do..Mike
  10. Good luck to you, D.U. This bird was shot in Florence Co. The northeast part of the state. I hope the weather clears for you. My nephew has a tag for this Wed.>Sun. He hunts in the Green Bay area, and they are supposed to get slammed again today and tomorrow with 6-10'' of snow. This madness has to stop.. Mike
  11. hognutz

    SBE II Break In

    Anything that is put together with tight tolerances is prone to be a little sticky until the edges get rounded off, so to speak. You may not have to ''break'' the gun in, per se, but the more that it is shot, the better it will function. By oiling the rails and bolt and such, and shooting shells that are more than the minimum, this will effectively knock those edges off and give you a reliable gun that your son will enjoy for his lifetime, when you are done with it...Mike
  12. This is the gobbler that my Uncle shot on Saturday, in Wi. The weather was terrible. 2'' of snow and 20-30 mph winds. We had 6'' of snow by Sunday. I didn't have a tag, so I did the calling for him and his son. He shot him at 40 yards with a facefull of Win. Hi-Velocity #6's, Hastings .660 choke, out of a Nova. Graveyard dead. I love this stuff..Mike
  13. If money is not an issue, I would buy the SBE ll, without hesitation. Both will do the same things, both are good guns, but an auto vs. a pump. The auto wins, in my opinion. You mentioned that the SBE ll pulls up the best. That would end the debate for me..I own both, and would not consider using the Nova, if the SBE was available..Good luck with your decision..Mike
  14. Way to go, Chris. Nice looking bird. You don't have to be a pro at calling to get it done..Well done..Mike
  15. hognutz

    2011 turkey

    Very nice bird. He is definitely a limbhanger. Well done, HH.
  16. That's a awful nice bird you got there, Mudhen. Those are some daggers on that ol' boy. Nice..You use the SBE ll and the 3'' shells? Way to go..Mike
  17. He had health issues (lung ailment of some kind) a year or two ago, and evidently couldn't fulfill his contract terms, or whatever. It was bad enough that even he didn't think that he would work again. Somewhere, somehow, that's were the romance ended. This is of course, all hearsay. It did not come from the horses mouth, so to speak. So, take it for what it is worth..Mike
  18. That's where the guy says that's the least I can do. I was married to her for forty years..
  19. I bought a BPS 10ga. a few weeks ago, and all she said was, ''That will be one more to sell at the rummage sale after I (meaning me) die''. She is so sweet..Mike
  20. That is a beautiful bird you got there, Fla. He is definitely a stud of an osceola. Well done, My friend..Mike
  21. Very nice, Tucker. Is it 12 or 20? Looks like 12. I need to get me one of those some day..
  22. I agree with that. Different ammo can make a difference, as will a different choke. I would try and find the ammo that I wanted to shoot, and if it did not shoot to POA, scope the gun, or put some sort of adjustable sights on it. Kentucky windage is the only other option. And that's not a good one..
  23. First of all, putting in the thickest shim will, in fact, lower your POI. It will not lower it 16''. I would put the shim in and see what happens. A taller front sight will help, also. If you are shooting slugs out of this thing, put a scope of some sorts on it so you can adjust it to your needs. Take it off when you bird hunt. It is that simple.
  24. I would say that you ARE a goodgirlfriend. Buying a Benelli for your boyfriend is awesome..That would break the ice for me..Mike
  25. Those use the crio system. The other system is the mobile choke. I really don't know what a crio+ is.
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