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  1. How about that, Skeeter. Who'd a thunk it when they were 3 and 3 and Rogers was out with a concussion. Unbelievable. Imagine how tough they would have been without the injuries. They should be better next year. Now we need a repeat. Ooh Rah..Mike
  2. She sure is a hairy little monkey..
  3. I think it's a big fat guy with an AR..
  4. I really don't know what people like that are thinking. They come into these forums (as newbies) throwing daggers at the folks who have been here forever. What a way to influence people that you intend to hold a conversation with. Your credibility is shot before you lose your junior staus. Now that is someone I will listen to. NOT. Grow up, junior. You are not known well enough around here to be missed when you leave..
  5. Any gunsmith will have them. Otherwise, Brownells, but you will need to know the thread size..
  6. I have dealt with them on several occasions, and have had nothing but good service from them. You hear horror stories, but I guess you'll have that every once in a while. You can't please everyone, all the time. Good job, Benelli..
  7. I have an Indian Creek for my SBE l and it works good, not great. 180's in a 10'' circle at 40 yards with 3.5 21/4 h-13 #6. It shoots 270's with the #7's. I have no experiences with the Kicks..Mike
  8. Nothing wrong with that pattern. POI is great also. That'll get the job done. Crisis averted..
  9. The SBE might be a tad easier to clean because of the two piece receiver. I have both an SBE l and the SBE ll, but I believe that I will own an M2 in the near future. Can't go wrong either way..Mike
  10. I'd rather have a bottle in front of me, than a frontal labotomy..
  11. hognutz

    SBE II

    The SBE ll is a great shotgun. You will like it, for sure. It will do anything you want it to. A little oil on the rails, keep it relatively clean, and it will shoot flawlessly for a lifetime. Enjoy your new toy, and welcome to the world of Benelli..Mike
  12. Redneck boys will be Redneck boys. That is funny stuff..Mike
  13. I think it's a southern La., hen, mallagator. They fly low, are extremely hard to bring down, and decoy well to dead chickens. They are better skinned than plucked, and taste like chicken..Mike
  14. hognutz

    jeff foiles

    Hopefully, the Feds will slap it to him. His gig is up. Everybody on the planet knows that the guy is a phoney. His days of walking on water are over. He deserves the maximum, and I hope that he gets it..Mike
  15. I think you're right about that. I know that the cripples are hard on the dog..
  16. What kind of duck is this? I think it's a fish eater. What do you think Tucker?
  17. I will do an SBE lll, but would not even think about a Super Vinci..Mike
  18. I feel your pain. I also, am the proud owner of a 3'' Vinci..I have a couple of 3.5'' Benellis so the pain is not as deep as yours. Benelli missed the boat on this one. I suspect that there are more that a few people who feel the same way. I have news for them. I will not be buying the new one, and might have to sell the one I have, out of spite..Mike
  19. hognutz

    Tom Knapp

    Well said, Tucker. Now the whole world knows that the decision to cut Favre loose, was the correct one. Ironically, he got the coaches fired at the two teams he ended up at. Both were desperate moves from desperate teams. He probably is the best ever, but the guy that replaced him (Rodgers) is playing better than Farve ever was. And no pictures of his junk..Go Packers..Mike
  20. hognutz

    Tom Knapp

    From what I understand, he had severe lung problems and had to stop touring for Benelli. He thought that he was not going to be able to continue, ever. I understand that his health took an amazing turn for the better and by this time, Benelli said, no thanks. I do not know if any of this is fact, just what I have heard. I have always admired Tom Knapp, and I always will. None of what I have typed is Gospel, just the word on the street..Mike
  21. Something doesn't add up here. The thin shim will raise your poi. The gun should have shot higher. Houston, we have a problem..Mike
  22. You are correct on the way the shims work, Dumb Duck. You put the thickest shim in to drop the point of impact. It won't, however move the point of impact to the right. That you will have to work out. My Vinci shot the same way. A lot of them do. I also put a larger front bead on, and that helped lower my poi.Mike
  23. hognutz


    We have been invaded by the commie spammers again. I guess you can tell what day of the week it is..A weekend moderator is indeed needed..Mike
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