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  1. Nice pictures, Steve. Looks like you've been busy. How do you like the new shootin' iron. Seems to be treating you well. I know it requires less attention in the bad weather. Also wanted to thank you for your years of service, protecting people like me, on this veterans day..Mike God Bless the Veteran...
  2. hognutz

    Veterans Day

    I'm with you, Hookster. Everything we have is because of the vets that protected this fine nation. Go out of your way tomorrow to thank a vet. If I was king, the only people off of work tomorrow would be the veterans, with pay, of course..I too, would like to thank and honor those on this Forum that are serving or have served. God Bless you all...Mike
  3. I'm not at all familiar with the blacktail. From what I've seen on western states hunting shows, the one you've got there is a monster. Well done, my friend..
  4. That is a brute, Mudhen. Is he a whitetail? Looks like it. Where did you get him? Ca.? He is tall and wide, for sure. Too bad those brow tines were not a little bigger. He still is a stud..
  5. First of all, I would use the cyl. choke tube rather than the imp. mod. The more open the choke, the better. Second, make sure you are shooting ball slugs of some sort, not the sabots. Third, I would sight this in on a bench or solid rest so you know exactly where it is shooting. Fourth, You may need some sort of sighting device, i.e. a conventional scope, red dot, or just plain open sights. Shotguns are not known to be tack drivers out of the box. You may have to work a little bit to figure out how to get the gun to shoot close enough to point of aim so that you can hit a deer with it. Smoothbore shotguns can be fairly accurate up to 100 yards, but you will have to do some homework. As far as the rifled/slug barrel, you won't be finding that on ebay. They are anti-gun, big time..Gun Broker may be your best bet, but they are not cheap, anywhere. Hope this helps some. Good luck, hey..Mike
  6. Well done. He is a nice little six. Should be a tasty little bugger..
  7. Way to go,Tucker. Those are some nice looking bucks. I guess you could say that you had a pretty good day! Bow kills, I assume?..Mike
  8. She sure is purdy. I have seen her twin sister and they are both keepers. Very nice gun. Congrats on the purchase..Mike
  9. They're out there. Did you try Primos' website? Cabelas carries them. If all fails, Google it , you,ll find somebody that carries them..Mike
  10. Me too..It's a little more to pay for a few extra amenities. I have one of each, and like them both.
  11. Good luck selling it. I am not in the market for one, thanks..
  12. Maybe it's this one.. http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=196677213
  13. It should shoot those loads untill the cows come home..Keep the rails oiled, shoot a couple of boxes of heavier loads first, and you may be surpised at how it handles a load like that. Should be no problemo..Enjoy..Mike
  14. Danged if that don't look like Hognutz's new partridge swatter.
  15. Nice bird, KB. Looks like she took a load to the neck. What is your gun/shell/choke combo? Good luck on the getting more, part..Mike
  16. This is the ''going a little too far'' part. He has been known to hunt over the ''golden kernels'' more often than not. I still believe that he is good for gun owners, even though his hunting tactics could use a little shoring up..
  17. That's been around for awhile. It is classic Ted. He is a good thing for gun owners, although, sometimes he goes a little too far. I enjoy watching and listening to him..Uncle Ted rocks!!..Mike
  18. hognutz


    Ouch!! I definitely would have to get the wife a second, and maybe a third, job..She sure is purdy, though..
  19. I wouldn't consider myself an expert, but I do have an educated opinion. I own both the SBE ll and the Vinci. They both are great guns. The SBE ll has the advantage of the 3 1/2'' chamber. That may or may not be a factor in your decision. I turkey hunt, so it would influence mine. They both perform flawlessly if keep clean and oiled. My advice would be to pull both of them up to your shoulder, and see if one ''fits'' you better than the other. That is probably more important than making a decision on which one you want, just on hearsay. Good luck with your decision, and welcome to the world of Benelli..Mike
  20. No need to lubricate the outside. If it gets dirty, use a damp rag. If it gets really dirty, use some mild soap and water, and then wipe clean with the damp rag. Enjoy your new toy, and welcome to the world of Benelli..Mike
  21. My money is on Tucker. He is absolutely right. Period..
  22. hognutz

    New to Benelli

    I would say that you are in for a some fun. It is a great little shotgun that will take a beating and keep on repeating. ( I kinda like that little ditty). Keep it clean and oiled, and it will last several lifetimes. Fun to shoot, easy to carry, and indestructible. Enjoy your purchase, and above all, Welcome to the world of Benelli..Mike
  23. Looks like that storm "Earl'' may be headed in your direction,Tucker. That can't be good. Really has been a crappy summer. Good luck to you with the weather and the goose hunting..Mike
  24. hognutz

    Turkey choke?

    A lot of people are using the Primos Jellyhead in this gun. It is fairly cheap and does a great job with the hevi-shot. For around $80-90 are the Indian Creek (which I use), Pure Gold, and Rhino. These all work, to varying degrees with the Hevi-shot. If you are going to shoot lead, I would look into a Comp-N-Choke. This is a lead only choke, but is really effective. There are a bunch of chokes out there, and sadly, you have to test to get the pattern that you are happy with. Ammo, bbl. diameter, choke exit diameter, and point of impact, all play a role in the process. Whatever you do, make sure you pattern the one that you buy. (1) So you know how tight it shoots. (2) You can see the point of impact vs. the point of aim. They could very well be different. (3) The first choke you buy, will probably not be your last. Most turkey hunters are always looking for a better mousetrap..Good luck with the process..Mike
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