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  1. Or maybe a new ''Red Ryder'', but be careful so you don't shoot your eye out..
  2. What type of shells were you shooting? I own a SBE ll and a SBE l, as well. They do have recoil, more than a gas operated gun, but nothing that I can't handle. Mike
  3. They made wooden stocks for the SBE l..Mike
  4. That will shoot an eye out..Way to go Tucker..
  5. hognutz

    Benelli Nova

    Sure. You can have it dipped. Many gunsmiths offer the service, or can have it done. I had a SBE l dipped by Gander Mountain, and it turned out great. There are a few companies that do that full time out there. Do a search on this, here on the Benelli forum and I'm sure you'll find some names and other related info..Good luck, Mike
  6. Nice lookin' picture, Mudhen. Everything is froze up, up here. Enjoy the Holidays..Mike
  7. On a lighter note, I just DVR'ed the episode where they go to the Hampton's for the weekend. The ''shrinkage''/ugly baby/stolen lobster/seeing Georges girlfriend naked episode. A true classic.
  8. Made in Milwaukee. About 30 miles from me. Couldn't be much more convenient. Let the grievance's begin.
  9. Where does one go to buy a ''Festivus Pole''. I have issues, as well..Mike
  10. That's normal. Wait till you shoot some big stuff out of it, you may not have to eject, just push the forearm forward..
  11. I think the .665 will do you proud. I have one for an SBE l and it is adequate, not great. It really patterns well with the #7's. With #6's it is middle of the road. They will work with you if you don't like the results. I would call them and talk to them, and get their opinion. (probably the .665). Good bunch of guys. Good luck, Mike
  12. Way to go, Mudhen. I was wondering when we were going to get some of your annual duck hunting pictures. Well done, my friend. You're not missing anything in Wi. We are froze up, solid..Mike
  13. hognutz

    True Grit Remake

    This does look like it is going to be a good movie. From the trailers that I have seen, I am not going to miss it. America needs a new, good western. They need to make more westerns and less of that futuristic crap.
  14. My Vinci shot high also. I also called C.S., so there were at least two calls (lol). There have been many complaints about this on this forum, and I know that C.S. was called many times about it. I don't get it either. The gun needs to shoot where you point it, and if you want to float the target, then you shim, not the other way around. Besides that, the shims don't allow for enough adjustment to lower POI 8 to 10 inches. It drives me crazy..I agree that when a guy spends $1500 on a shotgun, it should shoot where he points the damn thing..Mike
  15. Generally, the tighter the choke the better. Shots taken during turkey hunting are usually on the long side, so the tight choke allows a denser pattern at these ranges. There are many chokes to chose from, and many types of shells and pellet sizes to factor in. You must find the combination that suits your gun. You must pattern your gun to find the best results. It is also a good idea to pattern the gun so you know the POI. They don't all shoot where you point. Good luck. Mike
  16. That is a stud of a buck. He looks like he is 24'' wide, and tall. Wow!! You guys had a bang up season. Muzzle loader or bow? Well done..Mike
  17. I say that it is shooters choice. It is not going to hurt the gun either way. When was the last time your gun wouldn't shoot because the firing pin spring was weak? If all my guns had exposed hammers, I would not consider putting them away cocked. Therefore, I drop the hammer on all my guns. (When I remember to do so). I am getting old!! Mike
  18. hognutz

    Dry fire M4?

    She's hawking coupons. Probably thinks that full auto is when your car is at it's capacity...
  19. Not necessarily. There was lengthy debate on here a while back from mech. engineers, and such that stated that a spring does not lose life from being under tension. I can't answer that with a qualified response. But hopefully, someone will chime in on the subject. I personally drop the hammer. (Dryfire)..
  20. Very nice, Tucker. He is another good one. That is the smokeless powder Savage, I presume. Heard a lot of good about them. Well done, my friend. Backstraps on the bar-b...Mike
  21. If your gun is shooting high, as some do, mine included, put the thickest shim in place. That will lower the POI. The left and right thing, dunno. I put the thickest shim in, and added a Champion Easy Hit sight also. They are a tad taller, and this will help as well..Good luck..Mike
  22. I think what they are saying is, without physically pushing the shell drop lever, if the red dot is seen, it is cocked. If it is not seen, it is un-cocked, by normal loading and unloading. Remember, it is only a shell drop, period.
  23. I don't own a M4 or a M2, but I do own several SBE's, two Legacys, a Vinci and two Novas. The lever on the side, with the red dot on it, on the semi-autos, is a cartridge drop lever. If the chamber is emptied by hand, it will not reload another shell into the chamber, unless this lever is pushed. It allows a shell to drop out of the magazine and onto the carrier. It does not decock the gun, it simply allows a shell out of the mag. If you simply push the cartridge drop lever and pull the trigger without taking the shell out of the chamber, it will shoot every time. Unload the gun completely, and dry fire it if you don't want to store it cocked..Hope this helps..Mike
  24. hognutz

    Dry fire M4?

    Sourdough and Duggan are right on. Centerfires can be dry fired until your blue in the face. No harm done. Rimfires are a different story, and Sourdough hit it squarely on the head, the reason why. Just make sure the chamber is empty. Otherwise, they go boom...Mike
  25. Nice pictures, Steve. Looks like you've been busy. How do you like the new shootin' iron. Seems to be treating you well. I know it requires less attention in the bad weather. Also wanted to thank you for your years of service, protecting people like me, on this veterans day..Mike God Bless the Veteran...
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