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  1. It appears I didn't see that thread. I'm happy with what I have. Grizz
  2. Mine arrived in the mail today. What info (besides pics) are you looking for? I could be wrong, but it's my understanding that the optional coating was not intended to "match" the factory color of the receiver, but to simply be subdued compared to the shiny Titanium of the non-coated part. As you can see in my photos, carriercomp's knob is not as dark as the factory part (which matches the factory color of the receiver and bolt carrier). Does this matter to me.......nope, not at all. The checkering of the carriercomp part gives more reliable purchase than the simple grooves
  3. I should have that exact info in a couple days. I'll let ya know how it is. And I'm sure it's gonna be worth the wait. Grizz
  4. Before I buy a hammer, I've got a few questions. When the full fire control group has been completed and is available, will the trigger and disconnector be available without a hammer, since I'd already have one? Will the replacement hammer address the heavy 7+ pound trigger pull my M4 currently has (with some creep and over travel)? Is it simply a direct, though very high quality, replacement for the stock part for 922r compliance purposes with no tangible improvements realized? Grizz
  5. I'm also a firm believer in the K.I.S.S. principle, especially for a home defense shotgun. I use the factory sights and have absolutely no regrets that I didn't "upgrade" to an optic. Grizz
  6. That is great news. It'll be nice to get my M4 to the point where it no longer has the worst trigger pull of all my rifles and shottys. Since I'm running a Mesa stock the compliance isn't necessary, but I may end up with a C-Stock some day. Grizz
  7. I would welcome an additional 1/4" in length, especially for offhand manipulation or for those of us with extended bolt releases. Grizz
  8. Here's an update from my earlier post: AR-15 Carbine DPMS LR-308 20" lightweight barrel 1911 Government Model
  9. I use either a basic scoped rifle soft case or my I-SHOT carbine/rifle case if I'll also be taking an AR. Grizz
  10. DPMS AR 15 (cheap, but 100% reliable) Benelli M4 Dan Wesson Valor 1911
  11. Mine acts the same way. I occasionally just cycle the last one through the action. Grizz
  12. I don't recall in which thread the statement was made, but it did happen. I believe the approval is for the upcoming hammer and disconnector. Carriercomp wants to send them all out to be coated at once to reduce the cost. He did say that if the wait time for the letter ends up being too long, he'd ship the knobs out separately. Grizz
  13. The difference in feel is most noticeable at the upper part of the grip, in the web area between thumb and forefinger. The Urbino's grip doesn't feel uncomfortable, just not comfy as the Benelli's. Grizz
  14. The LOP of the Mesa with the Limbsaver recoil pad is 12 1/2 inches. I just installed the Benelli grip cover onto the Mesa stock. It took more effort to install than the Benelli unit, but it did go on. The Benelli grip sleeve is about 1/8 inch longer than the Mesa unit at the beavertail area, but it lays flat and works fine. Here's a photo of the gap between the trigger guard and the Mesa stock. In my opinion, this gap is a non-issue. The pistol grip covers doesn't affect the gap. Grizz
  15. The adhesive that Mesa uses is weak, and I easily removed the rubber sleeve. The inner cores of the Mesa is pretty much identical to Benelli's (the ridges are slightly different). I did notice that the Mesa grip is more blocky than the Benelli, but it feels fine. I had planned to swap them if the Mesa proved to be definitely inferior, but it's still installed. Yes, it is possible to swap them.....I had it on 95% of the way before removing it. Grizz
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