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  1. Go to Harbor Freight and buy at $15 heat gun. Yoy should be able to do if you can read and follow instructions. It isn't hard at all. It took me all of 45 min and that is because I took my time.
  2. I am in love!!! Can I ask it out for a date!?? I promise I will respect it! he heh:rolleyes:
  3. zerooption


    You may want to consider getting a 40 cal of this weapon in doing so, you just buy a 9mm barrel and mags you have 2 weapons for the price of one! Also go with the PRO when you look at the difference between the M&P and M&P Pro you gain with a longer barrel and other options.
  4. Still waiting mailout 2/11/11:confused: Arrived today 3/2/11
  5. M4 C- Stocks new in box $250+ shipping check this thread
  6. Smooth as glass it took me less than a half hour to do the job! A 12.99 heat gun from Harbor Freight and a little bit of elbow grease. Thanks KIP for a wonderful work of ART, I can't wait for the other offerings!!!!
  7. Yipee, got mine (barrel) today and I have got the day off tomorrow. I know what I am going to be doing tomorrow! Just need one more 922r part and then I can put my C stock on!
  8. Just looked at the new SideArmor rail yep it is on the list to get!
  9. Got mine from Botach came in a plastic bag looks great! It will go on as soon the Ti tube comes in!
  10. Nice pair!! Where did you get the larger bolt release buttons and upper rails?
  11. what did Benelli advise?
  12. Did you order the stock from Benelii USA? If not can you share which address you used?!
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