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  1. I can confidently tell you that Benelli does not have an individual LEO purchase program.
  2. Depending on what I'm doing I either use a black magic marker to darken it, or "White Out" correction fluid in white to lighten it.
  3. Seeing as how you and your wife are familar with H&K I'd recommend checking out an H&K P2000SK with an LEM trigger. The LEM [Law Enforcement Modification] trigger makes it a DAO trigger at about 6-7lbs or so. It's sub compact sized, a little bigger then a Glock 26.
  4. When compared to a bolt action rifle the R-1's felt recoil is less.
  5. I have 2 R-1's: 30-06 and 300 Win Mag. I've never had a problem with either. People that have shot them have remarked how little they recoil.
  6. Rival, I had a Performance Shop Super Sport and loved it. I shoot trap and it was a GREAT gun. The only reason I sold it was a friend wanted one and couldn't find one. I sold him mine, stuipid me.
  7. I would be VERY careful before you shoot a bear because it's "too close" to your house. My experience with bears in Maine, and we've got a @#$%load of them is they'll come close to house because there's something to eat: bird feeders, trash etc. I would take a good look at potential food sources and remove them. I'm a hunter, but I don't think it's right to shoot a bear just because he's looking to eat something a person left out.
  8. I'd go with the M-2. I've had mine [20gu and 12gu] for years and never had a problem. Although if I was going to own just one I'd go with a 12gu.
  9. Flatsman, How many rounds have you put thru your Legacy, in other words has it been broken in yet?
  10. I use a shotgun rack made by Griifin Inc, who makes armored trucks for Brinks Loomis etc. For S/S or O/U's move the base plate and put the S/G in sideways. If these are properly mounted and secured you'll never have to worry about the S/G falling out. http://griffinarmor.com/hardware.htm
  11. Sgt Cathy, The Wildlife Management Area wasn't Myles Standish by any chance? I went hunting there ONCE with a friend wayyy back and that was enough for me. The moron Enviormental Cop kept demanding my "FID Card" I'm a NON RESIDENT and don't need one for hunting. He didn't care I was a cop from Maine. Never again will I hunt in the "People's Republic of the Commonwealth"
  12. Yes.Windham Weaponry is owned by Dick Dyke, who owned Bushmaster, then sold it to Remington. Remington bought the name but not the factory. Dick waited till his "no compete" agreement was up, then formed Windham Weaponry at the former Bushmaster factory with many of the former employees.
  13. Gun Smoke, A friend of mine bought one, he's one of these people that "has to have" the latest and greatest. I've shot it. My opinion, don't waste your $$$ It's an overpriced warmed over AR-15 wannabe. Don't get me wrong, it's high quality and accurate. But for the money there are better rifles out there for less money. I'd recommend looking at Windham Weaponry Rifles. Better rifle for A LOT less money. Good Luck.
  14. Benelli uses synethic 5W-30 motor oil as a preservative, that's what the rust coloring is. A good scrubbing with Hoppe's No 9 and a terry cloth towel will remove it. You may have to do it a couple of times to fully remove it. Many guns sit for years before being sold so factorys really slap on the preservative coatings to preserve them.
  15. If you wanted to shoot slugs use either a cylinder or improved cylinder choke. Personally I'd spend the money and buy a cheapo Mossberg 500 or Remington 870 12gu with a slug barrel to use as dedicated deer gun. A trap gun will not make a good slug gun and vice versa.
  16. A Benelli Nova is a lot like a Glock, either people love them or hate them. As far as a pump action defense shotgun goes I would recommend a Mossberg 590A1, not a 500 or 590, the 590A1. It's all MIL-SPEC and built like a tank. In my 21 years as an LE Firearms Instructor they are by far the best defensive pump shotgun.
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