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  1. Blue Book of Gun Values 98% condition $1450.00, 95% condition $1,225.00 So... ^accurate.
  2. February Guns & Ammo has a write up by Layne Simpson. MSRP $1,999 black anodized, @ $2,199 nickel and engraving. You might find the article on G&A website.
  3. Have faith OO Buck. Ordered mine on Feb 21st. Shipping info generated Nov 15th. Shipped Nov 23rd. The time between the shipping info generated and actual shipment lets you notify them if your address has changed. Also Marcy said the entire staff got sick and was unable to get mine out a little sooner. Delivered yesterday Nov 27th. So looking at your March 2nd order date you can calculate two weeks? or so
  4. On a side note...I've never seen a sling that looks to be about six feet or so long. Could double as a cargo tie down strap.
  5. So strange. This morning the sale prices didn't show. This evening there it is. Placed my order. Thanks Hopeton. I have not heard of this company before. This forum has been so much help...Thanks everyone.
  6. tarantacticalinnovations.com Just looked at the website. No mention of 15% off that I could find. Looking for a extended safety for my M4. Should I buy theirs or does anyone have another recommendation ? Thanks.
  7. Received email two hours after my last post stating "hammer in stock, ready to ship". Still available fifteen min ago.
  8. Just checked Midway's website...Now expected in stock 7/30
  9. Added this to my "notify me" on 4/23 and have not been notified of it's arrival. Just checked Midway's website and saw out of stock, arrival date expected 7/1. In the meantime I ordered a three piece trigger set from FFT. They advertise it as a drop in unit..no fitting required. However my gunsmith had to use a stone to fine tune the hammer as it would not function as shipped. Just picked the shotgun up this morning and fired a box of #4 buck. No problems.
  10. June 2013 issue of Guns and Ammo page 82. Couple page article on the M2 Tac by Payton Miller. Nothing new but a short read for those interested. Didn't find the article on the G & A web yet. BTW...article lists the MSRP as $1,249 (as tested).
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