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  1. I installed the FFT extended carrier yesterday and the only problem I saw was it was a bit too snug to move freely. The area where the large pin goes through was rubbing on both sides. It may have worn in with use, but I used a small screwdriver to pry (sprain) the carrier out just a tiny bit until it started working. I could not visibly see that I had spread the carrier, but it freed up perfectly and now works slickly. Now I admit, I do not shoot my 1014 as it is a low serial number and is not used as a utility gun, and has had only 10 or so rounds fired through it, so things are pretty much factory snug. Even having only taken it to the range once, the stock shell lifter was a thumb wrinkles and cuticle eater. The FFT shell lifter does not bite at all.
  2. Mine is relatively new, so I was secretly hoping mine would be perfect. But, as I was trained, I never went to safety or off safety with my barrel pointed at peoples heads and chests. I think that was the problem. Remington couldn't recreate the failures, but they had a couple of cases where multiple witnesses were observing the trigger hand during accidental discharges, so it was fairly obvious that something was happening in a small percentage of guns made. I am glad they are going to to shake this dust from their feet and fix it. One of the best rifle frames, if not the best in the world so far, will get it's exorcism and can become free of demons. Now I can take it off safety and put it on safety while aiming it at my friend's and family's heads. Sorry again. I should go to the Rem forums. But I do have a Benelli 1014.
  3. Sorry, I know it's not on topic here but I thought I'd use the exposure to maybe give some members heads up. They finally recalled the triggers on Rem 700 if you haven't heard. Simple process to determine if yours is one. http://xmprecall.remington.com/
  4. I think the industry calls it "shrink fitting", where parts with close tolerances will not fit together unless the female part is warmed and the male is frozen. I think you are right about the heat relaxing the thread lock materials in this case. When I changed my original out for the CC titanium,, after cleaning the receiver well with a dry rag, I screwed the new mag in tightly by hand without using any thread lock. It dawned on me then that removing it may be difficult since it screwed in farther than if both parts had been the same temp. Sure enough, when I replaced the CC tube with a Benelli, it was so tight I was planning on warming the receiver again, but it finally snapped loose using all my grip and strength, and a little bit louder grunt.
  5. I heated my receiver until the tube was removable. It may not matter, but heating the male part of a threaded connection is not the ideal way to remove stuck or very tight tolerances. Making the female part expand with heat while not expanding the male section makes the connection not quite as close in tolerances. I have seen the male part of a fitting frozen to shrink it and the female heated to expand it. That's the theory I used in heating and removing my original mag. Then I went back dry with just the warmth of the receiver and no loctite. I used no tools, just a microfiber towel. And there is no hurry. The metal holds the heat well. Just remember, if you screw the new cold mag tube into the receiver while the receiver is hot, it may be difficult to remove next time unless you reheat it.
  6. "The Best" is found according to application I guess. To me, the best was the one most people were thrilled with, which was Carriercomp titanium. However, after waiting months for mine to arrive, I stumbled into the OEM full mag tubes by Benelli, and thought, that would make my low serial number Flagg version gun more OEM/military complete. I put one of those on and the only difference is authenticity. It is military correct with the Benelli OEM tube,, except for the 3 piece trigger group, mag spring and follower which makes it comply with 922r. I think I am going to eventually get a standard M4 that I will not treat with kids-gloves and can use the titanium mag tube on that. It is slightly lighter (holding one in each hand), so that would be good in field uses. But steel tubes would be right there with them in functionality. So to me, it just depends on whether you are building a field (working) gun or a collector gun.
  7. Mine came right out and cleaned up great with just a microfiber rag also. No need for acetone with mine at all. I have just changed from a titanium mag on the M1014 to a OEM steel tube, and without using any thread lock before, the mag unscrewed with a fair amount of hand and body strength using a microfiber rag to grip with. Glad I didn't use loctite before.
  8. Thanks H&K2000. The OEM mag tube is perfect. I am now all military correct on my 1014 except for hidden 922r compliant trigger group, mag spring, and follower. God help the zombies who want to eat my brain. The weight difference between the CC titanium and the factory steel mag is noticable when holding the two,, but if that ever becomes a problem, zombies can be modified to carry it for me, by removing their arms and lower jaw. I saw that on tv.
  9. Mine is many years old (in the first 600 produced), but only 20 rounds shot through it. It works fine even with 40+ year old light loads holding it unbraced by my side, which seems should interfere with the recoil system. If you two have similar serial numbers, that could be an indicator.
  10. badkins100

    Who's with me?

    I'm ordering a Benelli OEM full mag tube for my M1014 today. Now I will have a CC titanium tube leftover. Maybe for Christmas, I can get a standard M4 to install my leftover tube on, just to keep down the clutter in the parts closet.
  11. badkins100

    Vinci Tactical

    OOps I forgot Sir Issac Newton.
  12. badkins100

    Vinci Tactical

    Cool gun. I just did the tour and read the "more info" on the recoil and cryo parts. I have not studied the finer details of other Benelli guns. A friend has Super Black Eagle but I have not handled it. Mechanical artists design these weapons. Obviously some of the same DNA from guys like Leonardo da Vinci himself is at work here.
  13. I have them on an older Glock 40 cal. Sights are very old too (20years) and still working fine. Never think about them, but at night, they are right there waiting. First time I noticed them, I was asleep in my dark bedroom when I awoke to turn over, and noticed some type of LED looking faint light on the dresser. I finally got up to see what I may have left on. It was my pistol laying pointed away from me, and it helped me remember to put the gun back where it was suppose to be. With a pistol in the dark, they are great and without them, you would have to be shooting from grip memory because the tritium just shows you where your front and rear sights are on your target. If it is not dark, they are not needed, yet they do not appear illuminated either. I will eventually put some on my M4.
  14. badkins100

    Who's with me?

    Yeah I had to delete several attempts making remarks about M2_shootr's gun. I got to thinking "how can a plain black shotgun be beautiful?" But anyone asking that question has obviously never met one in person. I had not until mine arrived. My FFL guy called me a second time after it came in and said, "sir, I hope you don't mind, but I opened the package carefully to make sure nothing was damaged and I held it, and Man is in incredible". I knew those flat photos didn't do it justice. When I went to pick it up, he said, "slowly, without using force, slide that bolt back". It was more fluid than I remember years back (1993?) when I saw my first Benelli black shotgun. Back then I knew I wanted a semi-auto Benelli shotgun for my home, but priorities always got in the way. Now it's at the top of the list of my prized material possessions. It will be another acclaimed masterpiece of gun making a hundred years from now and beyond, or like someone said, the 1911 of shotguns.
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