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  1. What type of ammo, length, powder charge, etc.?
  2. There is a post on Benelli's Facebook page showing an M2 a young lady used to bag a whitetail, the gun in the picture has a scope mounted. It can be done. can you post a picture of the top of your M2's receiver?
  3. My SBE II had some little plugs I knocked out of the top of the receiver to use the predrilled and tapped holes to attach an optics mount. Does you M2 not have this feature?
  4. How about this https://www.midwestgunworks.com/page/mgwi/prod/80114
  5. Is a slug barrel with cantilever scope mount available for the M2?
  6. I used this rail on my SBE II. http://www.egwguns.com/scope-mounts-rings/benelli-super-black-eagle-ii/sbe-3/m2-ambidextrous/
  7. I replied to your thread yesterday, but when I hit submit I was notified my post would have to reviewed by a mod. Hopefullly my reply gets approval soon.
  8. Just curious, did you buy the M4 used and extra chokes were not available? I have a friend that says throw all them chokes away except the modified. But, I do not subscribe to that theory. While the above discussion about Flite Control wads discusses buckshot, I use Federal turkey loads with Flite Control wads and use an extra full turkey choke. I have been pleased with the patterns and have bagged several birds in the 40 - 50 yard range. But, birdshot and buckshot behave differently.
  9. Please don't shoot your shotgun with no choke tube, you could damage the threads.
  10. I have the Ethos 20 ga, not the sport version, and love using it on my annual pilgrimage to SoDak for pheasant. The gun is very light which is much appreciated hen walking creeks and Mike long crop fields. Plus, the Etohos in satin grade is the perfect accessory for any of your wife's outfits. i see the Sport version has a raised rib and a ported barrel. The Ethos sport should perform like a Benelli and serve your wife well. Your SBE should bust clays just fine and be good practice, just use ammo with enough "ummph" to cycle the action. The economy stuff on the shelf may not work.
  11. Working the action on your new shotty wll loosen it up, so lube it and cycle it repeatedly. Don't worry, you won't go blind. For or clays and such #8 shot is what I use. Shot is kind of like copper wire, the bib bear the number the smaller the shot is in diameter. Small shot for smaller targets at closer range. Heavier shot for larger targets, thicker skin/hide and longer distance. #8 is smaller in diameter than #4, but #8 has more individual shot per shell. #9 through #6 for dove, quail, grouse, etc #6 through #4 for squirrel, pheasant, turkey, etc. Shot larger than #4 is usually in the waterfowl category, thick feathers and longer shots. However, 000 buckshot is larger in diameter than 00. The only sizes of buckshotI have encountered are/were 000, 00, 0 and #4. 00 is my preferred combination of size and quantity per shell. For HD scenarios, I like the Winchester military grade 00, it is not terribly expensive and will not separate your shoulder when you shoot it through your pump gun at the range. Putting 3.5 inch rounds through a pump shotgun is a form of self flagelletion I can live without. Some of the information above is my personal experience and the results of others may vary, aka YMMV. Fet to a range or clays course and enjoy your new shotgun.
  12. I would obtain a 5 pack of buckshot and check the pattern results with each choke. Generally speaking, I like to use a modified choke for buckshot, but I have seen some IC's throw a tight pattern with 00 & 000. 35 or so years ago, pre-Remchoke era, I had the full choke on my 870 reamed to a modified to give better buckshot patterns.
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