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  1. Calguns has the worst marketplace. I found a 2020 M1014 for under retail at a Sportsman's Warehouse in NorCal.
  2. Looks fine but I plan to use the innards of the stock nuetered extension after the 3-position extension gets back from coating.
  3. I used the bit you recommend. I hit the tube with a MAP torch for 20-30 seconds and the retention screw came right out. I didn't see any loctite residue but something was keeping it stuck.
  4. I am stuck here. My retaining screw will not budge and I am giving it all I have, the slot ears are starting to deform from the torque. Is it possible the screw has loctite applied from the factory? This is an extension purchased from Beneliparts.
  5. Or he can sell his stock and by an Urbino or standard stock with hundreds to spare.
  6. I got a surprise today, SW notified me by email that my M4 is ready for pickup.
  7. Anyone have luck with Sportsman's Warehouse? My order has been stuck in "Pending" status for 2 weeks now.
  8. What's the consensus on the carbon extension, good to go?
  9. I have a set of Wera tools specifically for gunsmith work.
  10. I hope I got lucky with Sportsman's Warehouse. I successfully placed an order a couple days ago, let's see if it actually ships to the store.
  11. Unfortunately I am in California, the Bay Area to be specific. I make purchases for hobby but most people in this area are buying for HD/protection and scrambling to buy whatever they can get. When an M4 pops up for sale at a LGS, even with typical markups, there are a line of people with cash in hand ready to buy. I wished the market would get flooded with Glock 19s so first time buyers and panic buyers leave the more "niche" firearms to the enthusiasts.
  12. Very lucky, congrats. I got an "in-stock" notification from Riflegear this morning on an H20 model but is sold out before I could enter my card info. I still have high-hopes I will score a retail priced M4 even though bitting the bullet on Gunbroker is more and more tempting each day.
  13. I don't think so, I am patiently waiting. I have everything ready to go (7 round tube, US follower, US replacement forearm, Urbino stock, Sync mount and FFT handle).
  14. How many parts do you need if the M4 comes with the C-stock, 3 or 4?
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