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Cordoba 20 gauge vs Beretta Urika 20 gauge


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I need to choose between the two. Main criteria will be weight. To be used for hunting and sporting clays. Comments?


I have been shooting the Cordoba 20 gauge with no problems. I have no sense of recoil with it -- well except that one time I fired too quickly and had it against my upper bicep :eek: instead of my shoulder. I have fired up to 50 rounds of Remington #8 shot on one outing several times with no problem.


As recommended by Benelli, I did shoot some heavy loads for the first two boxes to break it in -- I assume that didn't hurt.:D

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The Benelli Cordoba is a far better gun, more reliable, and WAY easier to clean. It also comes right out of the box with everything that you USED to have to send out your gun to have done. It has longer forcing cones, chokes and is ported. This, along with the new comb/stock helps dampen the harder kick of the inertia action. Also the Cordoba's are a little heavier to further mitigate recoil. Benelli got it right with this gun IMO.


The Beretta will have the SLIGHT edge in perceived recoil though- no doubt about it.


Disclaimer: I own both Berettas and Benelli's. Both are good.

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He said 20gauge. Recoil probably isn't a problem.


I know what he said.

20ga's kick just about as bad as 12's assuming you are using 2.75" or 3" shells. Why, because they are lighter. The reason people including myself (I've been shooting a shotgun for 40 years) use the 20's is because the ammo is lighter and pretty much as effective out to 35 yrds or so and the guns are much lighter as well. The Cordoba is still heavier than the 20 ga M2 or Monte.

Do yourself a favor and grab a 12ga and a 20ga same make and model with equivilent shells (std. 7/8oz 20 and 1 1/8 oz 12) and shoot them.

When your shooting 28ga or .410 (67 ga.), now your really talking light recoil, but not a 20 bore.

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