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Selling the M4


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Mesa 6-shot side-saddle

Trulock MOD/IC choke tubes

Primos Dead-Deer choke tube

Carlson's Full extended steel choke tube

Benelli MOD/IC chokes

Cleaning brush("tornado", really gets the lead out from slugs FAST!)/Benelli spec oil(never used it, I used CLP)/all manuals it shipped with

3-point sling

7-shot (replacement tube from Numrich) mag tube w/M1S90 spring and an extra spring

Surecycle Aluminum follower

Briley Speed Wrench

Original mag tube/spring/follower


Mine is in flawless working condition, shows normal wear for 500-700 rounds, and feeds anything I have stuffed in it from low-recoil buckshot (Win-Lite 9-pellet) to 1200fps remington target loads to 3" OOO Buck (which it normally patterns 3" OOO Remington Express Buckshot 50-70% within a 15" circle at 40 yards using the MOD Trulock choke). Slugs are VERY accurate and at 50 yards 3" or so groups are the norm off the bench for ME. Shoots slugs and buckshot to the same POA as far as I have been able to discern.

It was purchased on 08/14/2008 according to the reciept (I ordered it the 11th or 12th I think) and is an 11707 with 2-port barrel.

I bolted the Mesa on (just throwing out there, it is in the box, but not NIB) and was not really a fan, but I know a lot of people that swear by them.

I will do FTF, or ship to your FFL w/in CONUS. I only can accept money-orders or chashier's checks (or cash FTF). I don't have an EFT setup. I will ship upon cashing your payment.


Everything* in the picture comes with the $1825 shipped CONUS**. I will not break this "package" down and part things out.


*Toes not included

**If you want to do a FTF within 200 miles of the Shreveport/Bossier Louisiana area, I will meet you half-way.

I can best be reached by PM on this site.

Here is a video of a mag-dump using birdshot:

8 shots

Sorry for the poor video/picture quality. If your purchase depends on hi-res photos, I can obtain some. Otherwise, all I have is my cell-phone and I will have to find a friend who has a camera.




*$1925 for the package is now $1825*(edited in post above as well)


*If you want "just the shotgun", you will get everything that it comes with from Benelli (stock mag tube, stock M4 spring/follower,stock Benelli MOD choke tube, stock wrench/choke thread cleaning tool/stock benelli oil/shotgun/Manuals PLUS The 3-point sling, choke-tube lube, cleaning supplies pictured, M1S90 spring and extra M1S90 spring, and 7-shot tube (because I don't feel like taking it off).

The price for this is $1675 Shipped CONUS.



Again, just to avoid confusion:Things listed below that are shown in the picture you will NOT GET for $1675:

Mesa 6-shot side-saddle

Trulock MOD/IC choke tubes

Primos Dead-Deer choke tube

Carlson's Full extended steel choke tube

Benelli IC choke

3-point sling

Surecycle Aluminum follower

Briley Speed Wrench

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