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Waterfowl seasons


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Can someone explain to me why the waterfowl seasons get split up?I live in Virginia, the Northern Neck,Northumberland County,and right now it is out.Duck comes back in on the sixth and goose not until the ninethteenth,I am going crazy.And why only two geese ,I see way more geese than i do ducks.plus in the September season they gave you ten resident geese,they dont leave, hense the name.Why not up it to three or four,since they mix up.

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While the abundance of resident geese don't leave, the migratory birds do come and go.

In essence, you are hunting (or could easily shoot) a completely different animal than you do in September.


The seasonal splits allow migrating birds to move in and out unmolested and it allows them to rest.


After two solid weeks of hunting, I welcomed this week in VA, but here it is Tuesday and I'm already looking forward to Saturday :cool:


I don't know if other states do splits like this or not.

Others can chime in on that.

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In California, 3 years ago, we had a split season for the first time. At first it looked like it was gonna be a pain in the ass but it ended up being a great season. The time between the 2 seasons allowed the ducks and geese to move back into the area making for very good shooting throughout the year.

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