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How do you mount a 2pt sling on an M4?


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So I want to mount a plain jane 2pt sling on my camo M4.

I found a universal blackhawk sling that is advertised as 1.25" wide (it is actually more like 1 1/8").

Anyways, it fits the sling loop on the barrel attachment fine.

However, the loop on the stock is actually less than an inch wide by my measuring. This precludes mounting the sling.


I'm a little ticked that a $1600 gun has mismatched loops from the factory, let alone the fact that it lacks sling studs which seem to offer the most mounting options.


What are you guys doing to mount a 2 point sling?



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Some sling makers, Specter for example, make slings specifically to fit the Benelli 'M' line of shotguns.


Specter "SOP" sling. Note the step-down from 1.5" to 1.0" for the sling plates.








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Stinx, You can turn the front sling attachment point to the side, making it much more comfortable.


It's just a circular ring of metal held in place by a snap ring ... take off the snap ring with snap ring pliers, take the sling ring off, turn it to desired position, put back on, put snap ring back on ... profit.



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Check out the Gear Sector GSG5 sling.


I dont think its actually a "better" sling than the others, but I picked it because its versitile, and has quick release snaps.


I use my M4 for 3-gun, and the majority of the stages done require a sling.

That way, I can ditch it and its not in the way.


I just used the stock mounting points. Remember that the front mount will move from left, right, and center. Its retained by an external snap ring.

Between this,and dual mounts on the buttstock, you should have plenty of options.




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Did you use needle nose pliers and remove the snap ring and then move the mount and then replace the ring?

I'm kinda fuzzy on how to do it without scratching the barrel.


You will need a pair of external snap ring pliers. You could probably get it off another way, but as you said, you risk scratching up your M4.


IIRC, Sears has a small kit that contains both internal, and external, with 6 or so different bits for about 15 bucks.


Every gun guy should have a SN plier set.

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