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SBE II bolt retractor lever


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I have two SBElls. One comes out very easy the otherI have to grunt a little. It seems to be easier if I take all the pressure off the bolt. Push up on the chrome lever on the side and pull the trigger then try it. Mine seems to have a sweet spot where it just pops out...............Good Luck...Upland

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I've had 2 SBE's if you are haveing trouble with your bolt handle coming out thats not a bad thing, with a little practice you can take your gun apart without removing the handle. On one of the sbe I lost the handle while on a week long hunt in Ar. If I ever let the bolt down without a shell I had to use a screw driver to get it back open. Luckily the bolt handles weren't to hard to find. I guess this must happen from time to time. The SBE II I just got is real tight, but I pulled the handle out.

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